Monday, July 25, 2016

AMW Wears: NEW Sleek Matte Me Shades!

Yes AMW friends, it's ALL ABOUT THE MATTE LIPS today!  
Adding to my Sleek Matte Me collections are these 5 matte shades that I truly love!  There were actually a total of 6 that I added to my Sleek collection but I forgot to include it during the shoot!  Fret not though, I'll definitely share on Social Media on random days I wear it!  These are my staple as of the moment!  

AMW Wore FreshLook Illuninate in Rich Brown (Dailies) in ALL PHOTOS!
a photo of Sleek Matte Me Review in Bittersweet, Fired Up, Old Hollywood, Velvet Slipper and Vino Tinto

Arm Swatch: 
L-R Bittersweet, Fired Up, Old Hollywood, Velvet Slipper and Vino Tinto

swatch photo of Sleek Matte Me Review in Bittersweet, Fired Up, Old Hollywood, Velvet Slipper and Vino Tinto

AMW's Favorite Shade!
I've shared this gorgeous MLBB (My Lips But Better) find on social media a couple of times!  This works on ALL Filipinas I swear!  Whether you have light or dark complexion, the medium-rose pink shade works so well and if I may have to describe this in ONE Tagalog Word --- NAKAKABATA!  (Youthful Looking!)

a photo of Sleek Matte Me Review in Bittersweet

AMW's Look-At-My-Lips Shade 
One of the most eye-catching matte red lipstick I have to date!  I was joking Mr. AMW on how he can find me even when lights are off!  This is a perfect red lip color for those who wanted to wear red but doesn't want to enhance the "fullness" of their lips!  

Now let me describe this in ONE Tagalog Word again --- NAKAKASEXY!  (sexy-looking)
a photo of Sleek Matte Me Review in Fired Up

AMW's Instant-Glamour Shade
Deep red wine is definitely the keyword for a glamorous look!  I like how it can bring my overall look to "complete" even without the extra lashes are eyeliner!  

Since I started the ONE Tagalog Word description, I may as well continue it by saying, NAKAKASOSYAL to!  (Glamorous-looking) Seems like a million dollar was added into my bank account, JUST NOW :P
a photo of Sleek Matte Me Review in Old Hollywood

AMW's Not-So-Me Shade
A deep mauve shade that looks quite unique in every angle!  For a matte shade, this gives a certain 'sheen' that I can't explain.  As much as it looks okay for me, I guess it's not my personality to wear this shade!  I guess I should get use to this!  Tell me what you think guys?
ONE Tagalog Word to describe this?  NAKAKAPANIBAGO (something new to me!)

a photo of Sleek Matte Me Review in Velvet Slipper

AMW Act-Like-A-Boss Shade
Vinto Tinto
A powerful deep berry red shade that screams, LISTEN TO ME!  This color also gives off a bit of "sheen" which I like because it gives dimension to my lips.  

ONE Tagalog Word to describe this color?  NAKAKABANIBAGO (Something new!)  Why?  Because I always look like the approachable type and this would give me a tad bit of the authority and "stern-look" that I want!

a photo of Sleek Matte Me Review in Vino Tinto

I have previously reviewed the Sleek Matte Me lip colors and here's what I have to say!
  • The changed their applicator and I appreciate the newer version because it is easier to manage and has a slimmer doe-foot applicator.
  • The formulation is thinner, thin enough for me to pile from 2-3 layers and my lips won't feel heavy.
  • There are certain shades that has a slight "sticky" feel whenever you press your lips but nothing that would bother me too much.
  • All the shades are up-to-date!
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What's your favorite shade on AMW?

*Gloss Me and Matte me are priced at Php450.00 each.  
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Keep smilin'
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  1. All those shades look sexy as f*ck! :) I'd love to try 'em all!

  2. Fired Up and velvet slipper are my faves but all of them look really good!

  3. I've swatch Vinto Tinto and I look more mature and intimidating though I notice that sometimes it looks patchy on lips.

    1. I agree, it is a bit patchy on dry lips, I thought it was just me

  4. I'm looking for a red shade next! I love this line of lippies :)

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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