Friday, July 22, 2016

A Drugstore Foundation That Looks Seamless and Natural

Does exist!  It is called the Wet N Wild Ultimate Match SPF15 Liquid Foundation.
At a glance, this is a sheer to light water-based foundation that looks so natural it's almost like second skin!

BUT, if you are the type who need "High Coverage" on a daily basis, this may not be for you.  If you are the type who wants to let your skin breathe and you only need just a bit of coverage to even out your skin, you may read further and check out photos!

a photo of Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation in Nude

But firstly, according to Wet N Wild website, this is a simple, traditional foundation - a smooth formula that's not too thick or too sheer but perfect for your everyday routine.  It has a silky formula that helps even out flaws, protects your skin with added SPF15 and gives a semi-matte finish.

True enough, the description of the product lives up to my expectation, and more!

Swatch: NUDE
Nude shades are usually on a Cool Tone side (referring to other brands), for someone who is "very warm" (at heart and on skin tone LOL!)  I usually can't seem to wear anything that has a cool tone as it will either turn gray or just too plain unnatural on me!  Since this foundation from Wet n Wild is more on the warm side, I am surprised to announce that it works like magic on my skin!   Check out how the foundation blends in like my second skin!

a swatch photo of Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation Nude

For daily wear, you can just apply a thin layer all over face and in my case, I add a bit more foundation with a sponge using dabbing motion on areas around my face that needed extra coverage.

I prefer to apply using a dry sponge for better and even coverage.

a photo of Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation in Nude

Half Face Test:
It does cover a tiny bit of undereye darkness, but I highly recommend EVERYONE to follow up with your favorite concealer for extra coverage.  It gives a "bright" and "glowing" look on my skin and it does cover certain redness around the sides of my nose and cheeks.

a photo of Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation Nude

Before and After
Can you spot the natural "glow"?  
Before and after photo after using Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation Nude

AMW Wore Wet N Wild 

a photo of Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation Nude
Overall, I am finding myself leaning towards this foundation as it gives that flawless-looking skin without heavy feel!  It does a great job evening out my skin at gives a natural glow without the need to add highlighting products.

The water-based formula makes it perfect for users with oily-skin and works even for dry-skinned calls, the only downside is that, the product may slide off easily midday so I highly recommend to use a face primer and set the foundation with your choice of setting powder.

I am extremely amazed by its performance and this is definitely one drugstore foundation brand that you can give a shot!

Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation is available locally priced at Php399.00 (approx $8.00) available at PureBeauty stores.  For more information, visit

How do you like the effect Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation gives me?

Are there any other Wet N Wild product/s you want me to try and review?

Keep smilin'
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  1. The first thing that comes to my mind when wet n wild is mentioned is...LIPSTICK!:D Anyway, I was surprise that their nude is yellow based and I notice that the shade is a bit darker on you but the color matched your neck :D

    1. yes, I was surprised their foundation is quite good!

  2. Wow! I can't even tell that you have a 'mask' on. It is so natural looking!


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