Thursday, September 1, 2016

CBTL Kiddie Enterprise Fair

I remembered years ago (okay fine!  Many years ago!)  I wanted to work in several well-known food chains but the opportunities weren't there!  I guess, there were so many competitions back then and HR would look at me with one eyebrow raised saying: "You're Chinese!  You don't need the money!"  (yes guys, true story yan!)  So what did I ended up doing?  Teaching kids during summer even when school starts!  I'm a professional Tutor AMW Friends! :P

Today, with millenials having more opportunities due to technology, I'm glad to say there are companies who took this opportunity and "brew" them into something even more wonderful!  

Brew Your Best Year from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This is the CBTL's Community for encoursing customers to be the best versions of themselves by putting together a Business Bootcamp for Kids!  Designed to teach kids the basics of business in an interactive and experiental way, it is a two-party activity that aspires to mold the youth into becoming the next generation of entreprneurs who will continue to pave the way for a stronger economy!

For the first part of the bootcamp, Coffee Bean Kids underwent an Entrepreneurship Workshop facilitated by their partner institution, The Ultimate Learning Accelerator (TULA). During the workshop, the kids learned the foundational knowledge and skills needed to start their own small businesses. To provide an avenue where the kids can apply their learnings, the Business Bootcamp will culminate with a Kiddie Enterprise Fair. During the fair, the Coffee Bean Kids will be selling food and retail items with one goal in mind: to create successful business ventures and return their parents’ investments through their earnings.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® invites everyone to support the Coffee Bean Kids during their first business venture at the Kiddie Enterprise Fair on September 3, 2016, Saturday! The event will take place from 11AM-6PM at the garden area in front of their Bonifacio High Street store. The brand will also be selling their teas at a special rate and promises exciting surprises for all attendees.

Great job Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® , since I"m not a KID anymore, the best way for me to support them is to enjoy their wonderful food and drinks!  Seriously, you have to try their new  Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Ice Blended® drink, THEY ARE AMAZING!

For more information on The Kiddie Enterprise Fair, visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (Philippines) on Facebook and FOLLOW @CBTLPH on Instagram.

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  1. I also have that fair share of experience with the so called "Your-father-is-a-Chinese-therefore- you're-rich" stereotype though, I'm glad that my father imparted on us that, we have to have our business business to succeed and, it doesn't matter if it is big or small as long as we're happy with what we are doing.


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