Thursday, September 1, 2016

AskMeMom: My Ultimate Dream For Kyle Nash

What is my ultimate dream for my son Kyle Nash?
Well, I can't say just one in particular but off the top of my head, I have so many wishes for him ---
  • I wish he will be respectful.
  • I wish he will have more friends, true friends to guide him by.
  • I wish he will be a responsible citizen.
  • I wish he would be successful in whatever path he plans to partake.
  • I wish he grows up to be like his dad --- Loving, caring, a gentleman.
The list could go on and on!  
But to jump-start making my hopes and wishes for him, I spend and invest a lot of my time and effort in making sure he is equipped with the right tools to be the best he can be!

That explains why I am extremely hands-on with him.

In his earlier years until today, I take time and effort in teaching him the basics --- on how to be patient, on being respectful to people around him, in being grateful in little things he receive on a daily basis and a lot more!

On to the academic side, I also take time to teach him the basics --- reading, writing, speaking and listening.  It wasn't an easy ride, everything is done at his own pace, I never force him to do things he doesn't like to do because he only gets to be a baby and toddler once, and I want him to have a pleasant experience like I did when I was growing up.

#KyleNash learning to hold the pencil correctly 

#KyleNash creating lines

#KyleNash writes the Alphabet without guide

#KyleNash reads simple words

#KyleNash learns (and is still learning) to listen to instructions

Don't get fooled by the perfect photos, I just get to catch him during his best "state", but fellow mommies out there, I'm sure you all know the challenges of being a Mom and a Teacher to your Kid (tell me all about it mommies!)

As much as I get all the thumbs up from relatives and friends, it was a shock to most of them when I've decided to enroll him to Preschool this year!

"You can home-school him!"
"You're a teacher, you can teach him on your own"

True enough, I've contemplated those statements so many times!  But after being with my son almost every day, 24/7 for the past 3.4 years, I realized one thing....

My child needs to be equipped not only on the academic side but he also needs to be emotionally-ready.

That's when Mr. AMW and I decided to enroll him to a Preschool.  With the hopes for him to learn to be cared for and be secured by another person aside from his parents and relatives.  It was extremely difficult for us especially the first month!  I nearly gave up thinking the struggle isn't worth it.

After almost 2 months now, I've finally seen the result, he may not be the best student in class, he still doesn't listen to his teachers but I can definitely see some improvement.

#KyleNash caught on camera trying to join in the group

He is not into painting but I was surprised to see him complete a painting activity.

He is more comfortable sharing books and other toys with his classmates.

I am so proud of him when he did not get mad or angry when a toy he was playing was grabbed out of his hand!

He is also learning to share his favorite books now.

And on a serious note, I thank GOD each day for providing me and my family the ability to send my son to preschool to be able to achieve his dreams to be who he wanted to be.  Just like how I achieved my own dreams because I was able to gain all the knowledge I get to learn both in and out of school.

Yes, I am having those drama thoughts as my mom and I shopped for our daily necessities over the weekend and I saw this new promo from Colgate.  I am pleased that big companies like Colgate would "give back" by giving opportunities for kids and their schooling!  Definitely a prize worth the HUGE SMILE!

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The back of the box has the steps clearly printed!  Step 1: Buy, Step 2: Text and Step 3: Register.  As easy as that!

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Mommies, what are your ultimate dreams and wishes for your child/children?
You just might want to join this!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm not a mom yet, I somehow can relate I feel proud of myself because my mom raises me well and I know that I worked my part for her wishes to came true and I love my mom for her guidance.


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