Sunday, September 25, 2016

Snack Time Alert! Love At First Crunch

Whenever we go to a mall, supermarket is definitely part of the itinerary not because we love spending money on groceries but because Kyle Nash considers the "supermarket" as his "Toy Store".  One of our favorite supermarket is at Lucky Chinatown called Metro, I actually enjoy walking through their aisles of snacks from different countries --- Japan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Taiwan, etc...

And I found something new at the "snacks aisle".

Kangaroo Nuts!

photo of Kangaroo Nuts

We love stocking for snacks, especially since I wait for Kyle in preschool for 3 hours daily so snacking really is part of the routine!  With the addition of my favorite cup of coffee, my day will be made!  But I have to be careful with the snacks I choose, they have to be healthy, because I AM NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER!

Kangaroo Nuts products are made from freshly-harvested top quality nuts and seasoned using the finest ingredients (that's what I get from reading their packaging).  But of course, I can't just accept what they say so I have to really try on their wide range of nuts!

photo of Kangaroo Nuts

Garlic Cashews, Salted Pistachios, Sugar Peanuts, Maple Glazed Cashews, Mocha Almonds, Teriyaki Cashews, Seaweed Nuts and Chedder Cheese Almonds just to name a few.

photo of Kangaroo Nuts

I am actually in love with their Garlic Cashews, Honey Cashews and Seaweed Nuts!  Their nuts are definitely fresh and are high quality because you can really taste fresh nuts bite after bite.  No spoiled ones like other brands!

photo of Kangaroo Nuts

Kangaroo Nuts are available at leading supermarkets and groceries near you!

If you have tried this brand, let me know your favorite variant!

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