Thursday, October 6, 2016

A New Face Sponge In Town!

It's shaped like a teardrop, it's pink and it helps apply makeup base with an ease!  
This is called the Nippon Teardrop Sponge!

My AMW Workshop Series Part 3: Waterproofing Your Makeup participants were lucky!  They each get to try the newest sponge from Nippon Esthetic, my to-go-to brand when it comes to professional tools!  

Unlike regular round sponge, this is shaped like a teardrop with a wide base and a narrower tip.  The teardrop shape makes base makeup application easier, I'll tell you why after the jump!

a photo of Nippon teardrop sponge

At least half an inch thick, this makes medium to heavy coverage base not only a "possibility" but a breeze!  You may use this wet or dry depending on your coverage preference.

a photo of Nippon teardrop sponge

According to Nippon ---
The reusable sponge creates an even, flawless finish for any foundation formula. Washable with Nippon Pro Dual-Purpose Cleaner. Dermatologist tested + hypoallergenic. Instructions: Use the tip of the sponge for a precise application, and the wide end to spread foundation evenly.

True enough, I like to use the base of the sponge for wider areas like the cheeks, forehead...
a photo of Nippon teardrop sponge

Flip the sponge to the other side for more precise coverage on smaller areas like undereye area, the sides of my nose and chin.

a photo of Nippon teardrop sponge

Now when to use the sponge wet or dry?

If you want fuller coverage, use this dry, but the downside is, it will take a tad bit more effort to spread the foundation evenly as compared to wet application!

After several tries, I am more partial to use this "wet" because it helps spread foundation evenly without tugging my skin.  But because I want to maximize the use of this Nippon Teardrop sponge, I've found the best way to use this and I'm definitely sharing this exciting trick I've been doing for the past weeks.

Wet ONLY the wide end of the sponge (dip half of the sponge in water) and leave the tip dry!  Since I prefer natural-looking foundation all over my face, I use the bottom wet part in applying foundation all over and use the dry tip in patting concealer or spot conceal!  This way, I get fuller coverage ONLY on areas needed and the rest looks extremely natural!

Comprende mi amigas? :P
a photo of Nippon teardrop sponge askmewhats

The Nippon Teardrop sponge is priced affordably at Php80.00 (approx $1.50) each!  This is reusable so you only need to take care of this to prolong its life!  Stocks are limited, you may purchase these online HERE.

a photo of Nippon teardrop sponge

Have you tried a similary shaped sponge?
Will you give this sponge a try for your daily makeup routine?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Really affordable! Does it tear more easily than the Real Techniques sponge?

  2. One thing I hate on having long nails is that, it damages any sponge I clean anyway, this is so affordable I might hoard this :D

    1. it doesn't hurt the sponge even with my long nails :D

  3. I stocked up on this after trying it at the waterproofing your makeup workshop. Thanks, Ms. Nikki! :)

  4. I really should stock up on that. I like a good sponge that glides like a dream.


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