Tuesday, October 25, 2016

SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading Review

Happy "Luminous and multi-shade-your cheeks" Tuesday!  Yes guys and girls, I understand how difficult it is for you to wake up early in the morning let alone do your makeup!  We want more sleep right?  So I got something to share to you guys for you to look at least "half decent" even with just ONE swipe!  I've recently discovered a Korean brand called Saemmul through Althea and this cheek product seems to be giving me the "healthy glow" I need.

Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading Powder
Php520.00 (available at ph.althea.kr)

a photo of NIkki Tiu AskMeWhats SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading

This is a more natural way to contour because the darkest color isn't dark at all!  And if you swirl your blush, the colors just blend so well together it gives your cheeks color, warmth and glow!

a photo of SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading Review

Copied from Althea website the product description.

The Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading packaging is quite simple, just a sleep plastic compact with clear top easy for me to see it on my makeup dresser.  It's round and easy to tote along but it doesn't come with a powder puff or brush so you have to bring a separate brush (retractable would be better) for you to re-apply midday.

a photo of SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading

It has a light brown shade, a medium brown and a champagne pink shade that is meant to highlight.  The texture of this powder is quite smooth and silky to touch so I can imagine how a little amount would go a long way!  This would suit ALL Skin tones, all you need to do is to apply more if you are on the darker side.

a swatch photo of SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading

I prefer to use this as a blush and cheek contour/highlighter!  Because I have fair skin, I prefer to use contour shades that aren't too dark, let alone too orange or brown, which may translate into muddy-look.  

I like to just swirl the brush around the compact, tap of excess powder and apply from the apples of my cheeks towards the hairline!  This application isn't universally correct, you just need to apply this powder based on your face shape and since I wanted to slim my face a bit, I do this trick!

a photo on how to use SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading

Can you see the contour, color and highlight?  
a photo of SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading

Before and After
My face looks warmer and healthier!
before and after photo of SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading

The lasting power of this cheek color is approximately 4-6 hours for users with normal or dry skin.  If you have oily skin, you may need to set this properly with a translucent loose powder or just bring this with you and reapply midday!  

TIP: You may use a smaller brush and pick the medium or light brown shade to contour your nose or other smaller areas!  I prefer to use this solely for cheek color because I have my own nose contour powder which I like.

a photo Nikki Tiu, AskMeWhats, AMW using SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading

Overall, this tiny compact is a gem especially for those who can't seem to find a multi-tasking cheek color, contour and highliting powder!  This is very easy to use and you don't need to second guess, the effect will just come out naturally beautiful!

How do you like SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading powder on AMW?

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  1. Whoa it looks very natural on you :D I super love it!

  2. Wow, this is a really good product! I'd love to get this on an Althea haul soon! You look like you have a really nice, natural flush.


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