Saturday, November 12, 2016

Johnson's Milk + Oats Review

When Kyle was still a Baby, I am very particular with the bath product he uses.  But now that he's almost 4 years old, I told myself I will use whatever's available because I don't want his skin to be too sensitive like *ahem* his mom so I want him to get used to different brands!

And just when I thought I was being a cool mom for not being "OC" about his skin, it backfires on me because Kyle is suffering from Dry, Itchy and worst, skin irritations!  We literally had to bring him to his Doctor to have his skin checked!  True enough, he is suffering from Clinically-visible Dry Skin!  

I honestly felt bad!  But what's a mom to do?  Instead of moping around blaming myself, I have to thank my SampleRoom family because they recently sent me a Johnson's Milk + Oats package so I gave it a test right away!
L-R Johnson's Baby Bath, Baby Lotion and Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo

Finally, I'm ready to share my thoughts on the power of 2!

Johnson's Milk+ Oats says ---
According to a study conducted by doctors, 60% of toddlers have dry or damaged skin – even if skin looks healthy. Regular Bar Soaps can make this worse. They sometimes damage skin making it more prone to dryness, scratches, damage, and even infection or irritation.
The new Milk+Oats™, endorsed by Supermom Marian-Rivera Dantes, can help restore even dry & damaged skin! Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in Milk, the bath and lotion products completely nourish skin so it is baby soft, smooth, and healthy. Now with Restoring Oats, it can even help bring back the feeling of healthy skin for those with dry, damaged, or sensitive skin.

Baby Bath
The wash infuses nutrients and moisture into the deep layer of skin.

Baby Lotion
The lotion helps give long-lasting moisture and starts immediate skin restoration.

AskMeMom says ---
  • Smells Great
  • Kyle's skin isn't as dry as before, no more visible flakes.
  • Kyle does not scratch himself as much as before.  (Around 50% less)
  • Johnson's Milk + Oats Baby Bath lathers pretty quickly.  It does not irritate my son's eyes even when he accidentally rubs his eyes during bath.
  • Johnson's Milk + Oats Baby Lotion doesn't give Kyle Nash allergic reactions other brand gives. 
  • Kyle's skin feels so smooth after every shower.
  • His pediatrician was happy the time we went back to her to have Kyle's skin checked.
Johnson's Milk + Oats Baby Bath and Baby Lotion are now available in leading supermarkets, drug stores and department stores nationwide at Php100.75 and Php168.25 for 200ml respectively.  

You may also grab samples at so you can #TryBeforeYouBuy.  I love this website to bits!!!  And now, I'm even happier during bath time with my little one because I know his skin is well protected!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm no baby/ toddler anymore but, I'm still using Johnsons milk bath :D

  2. I also wanna thank sample room, I grab 1 set last year and my Bananak starting using it last December 2016. I loved the result It smells good and super smooth. I also using the lotion because it super smooth talaga. Actually when her Ninong ask what to give her for Christmas. I recommended the Johnson's Milk + Oats Baby Bath and Baby Lotion. So we have few stock in house :)


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