Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kanebo Skincare and Makeup Launch

Kanebo has always been around for quite some time, way back before I started Blogging.  I knew maybe a snippet of their skincare product/s or maybe some bestselling makeup.  It was only last week, I really get up and close not only with Kanebo as the Company but also Kanebo as the brand.  Best part, we also get to play with various skincare and makeup products and get to know the people behind Kanebo Philippines.

Are you ready to be indulged with photos and some swatches?

A photo of Kanebo Makeup during the Kanebo Launch at Shnagri-La At The Fort

Little did you and me know, Kanebo is actually a COMPREHENSIVE cosmetics brand with a core skincare line based on Chrono beauty.

Kanebo provides treatment at the optimal time for Skincare while their makeup line surpasses trends and time to create beauty for each individual.  

During the launch, I was exposed with Kanebo's new package designs.  For the Skincare, the design focus on FLOW.  Meaning, the line is meant to bring us continuously moisturized skin each day, month year and your entire life.

As for makeup, the package design focuses on "GLOW".  So you'll definitely see a lot of products enhancing our skin's natural glow.


  • Kanebo Fresh Day Cream (Php3,600) - Protects your skin from damage caused throughout the day.
  • Kanebo Night Lipid Wear (Php4,800) - Designed for the evening to make your skin hydrated and elastic.
  • Kanebo The First Serum (Php3,600) - This serum is to be used as the first step in your skin care regimen onto freshly cleansed skin.
  • Kanebo Moisture Flow Lotion / Kanebo Moisture Flow Rich Lotion (Php3,000 each) - two types to choose from, these lotion type is easily absorbed into skin leaving your skin soft and brimming with moisture.
  • Kanebo Bouncing Emulsion/ Kanebo Bounsing Rich Emulsion (Php3,600 each) - the rich emulsion has richer melting texture as oppose to the Bouncing Emulsion.  Both are nourishing emulsion to rebalance water and oil in your skin.
  • Kanebo Softening Cream Cleansing (Php1,800) - cleanses skin to leave it soft and moist.  Can also gently remove makeup.
  • Kanebo Mellow Rich Oil Cleansing (Php1,800) - an oil-based cleanser that instantly removes your makeup.
  • Kanebo Refreshing Creamy Wash (Php1,500) - rich and quick foaming lather that can remove dirt and impurities.

Now on to their makeup line, I see wide array of colors, textures and finishes.

A photo of Kanebo Makeup

Kanebo Full Radiance Foundation
Shades: Pink Ochre B, Ochre A, Ochre C, Ochre E, 
Pink Ochre C, Ochre B, Ochre D and Beige C

Comes in a total of 8 shades that can naturally conceal dullness and creates beautiful, flawless finish.

a photo of   Kanebo Full Radiance Foundation

Swatch on Beige C
Though the swatch came off too light for my skin, the Kanebo Full Radiance Foundation can actually adjust into your skin tone making it look extremely natural leaving a bit of a lustrous veil.

a photo of   Kanebo Full Radiance Foundation

Kanebo Glow Primer
This primer create bright base and a natural healthy complexion.  It has a light consistency that allows foundation to adhere to your skin for a bright and even finish.

a photo of Kanebo Glow Primer

Kanebo Control Finish Powder
A translucent powder that is applied on the last step of base makeup.  This can also help conceal pores and provide flawless coverage.

a photo of Kanebo Control Finish Powder

Kanebo Dual Eyeliner (Pencil and Liquid) 
Shades: 01 Neutral Black and 02 Neutral Brown for both Pencil and Liquid

Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow 

These comes with cartriges so you can draw your eyebrows as thick or as fine as you like.  

a photo of Kanebo Dual Eyeliner (Pencil and Liquid)    Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow

Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow
Php3,300.00 each
Shades: 01 Cool Monotone, 02 Stylish Brown, 03 Gently Pink

a photo of Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow 01 Cool Monotone, 02 Stylish Brown, 03 Gently Pink
Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow 03 Gently Pink , 02 Stylish Brown, 01 Cool Monotone

Kanebo Variant Brosse (Cheeks)

Shades: 01 Coral Petal and 02 Pink Petal

These are 2-shade blush that creates a naturally radiant complexion.

Kanebo Moisture Rouge
Shades: 01 Natural beige, 02 Coral Pink, 03 Bright Rose, 
04 Pure Red, 05 Core Red and 06 Deep Red

Swatch (L-R) 01 Natural beige, 02 Coral Pink, 03 Bright Rose, 04 Pure Red, 05 Core Red and 06 Deep Red

During the launch, we were graced by Ms. Universe Philippines' Maxine Medina makeup-free as makeup artist Mr. Rick Calderon created a super natural-looking makeup on her.

Can you see the glowing effect?
I love that the finish doesn't make her look oily.
a photo of Maxine Medina at Kanebo Philippines launch

Congratulations Kanebo Philippines' General Manager Ms. Jocelyn Uy 
and Marketing Manager Robby Da Silva.

With fellow Beauty Bloggers.
a photo of Nikki Tiu at Kanebo Philippines launch

Kanebo Philippines with Maxine Medina together with Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers.
a photo of Nikki Tiu with Philippine Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers at Kanebo Philippines launch

Can't wait to share more looks using Kanebo products soon!
a photo of Nikki Tiu at Kanebo Philippines launch

For more information, like Kanebo Philippines on Facebook and follow them on IG (@KaneboPH).

What's your ultimate favorite Kanebo product?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow, Maxine looks really pretty! I love that glow and wish I could achieve it without looking like a greaseball!

    1. di ba? I saw it in person, still very natural looking but beauty is definitely enhanced!

  2. Idon't know but I love the packaging of their skin care. I'm drawn to minimalist design when it comes to skin care i.e. Muji.

    1. yes, the packaging is on point! For me, both makeup and skincare!


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