Friday, November 4, 2016

Guerlain is Now Available at Sephora!

My life is on a fast lane.  As much as I would love to spend time inside makeup stores like I used to "swatching" on my favorite lipstick shade  (try online swatch instead with the Sephora Virtual Artist), blush or choosing the right foundation shade for me, I can't seem to do so.  So makeup shopping is almost non-existent in my vocabulary.

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I can't even try out clothes in department stores because my son would knock heavily at the door and goes in just to play with me!  And with that adorable face?  I always end up playing with him and forgot about trying out clothes.

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As you can see, online shopping is my best friend nowadays!  The clothes and shoes I wear, even makeup, I purchase them online!  Thank God for my online shopping skills!

One of my favorite online shop is  I enjoy shopping in this side because of the wide array of makeup, skincare and hair products at a decent price.  As much as I enjoyed browsing through brands that aren't available locally, I am so happy to see my favorite Luxury Beauty Brand Guerlain is also part of their brand roster!

And it wasn't a difficult decision to pick these for personal use!  I plan to look fresh using these luxe products.

My Guerlain Picks

a photo of Guerlain products

  •  Guerlain Palette 5 Couleurs (06 Bois Des Indes) - a cool toned palette palette that comes with 5 eyeshadows.  One is a nice base, two nudes and two smokey shades making this palette a perfect daytime and nighttime eye palette.
  • Guerlain Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls of Powder (Clair) - one of the most sought after Guerlain product and after owning this, I understand why!  It gives your skin an illusion of an 8-10 hours rest without any shimmer!  This is a perfect "setting powder" for busy moms like me.
  • Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire (015 Latte Lace) - with so many shades to choose from, all I can say is "Goodluck".  The reason why I picked Latte Lace is because of the raves I read online and so far, it didn't fail me!  I've been using this lip color for days and I never felt my lips to be this soft!
  • Guerlain SuperLips - as a busy mom, there are so many times I left home without applying any lip color because of worrying about lip dryness.  Now, my secret weapon is to apply a good amount of lip moisturizer prior to going out and when I get into the destination, that's when I apply my favorite lip color and the result is definitely better!
  • Guerlain Midnight Secret - as surprising as it looks and sounds, this is actually a full-sized face product!  Though the tiny tube may be a huge CON, it is a super potent night cream that I use on days I need instant boost of hydration and moisture.  The lavender scent has calming effect for me especially since my mind is mostly wide-awake at nighttime.

a photo of Guerlain products

This is definitely a happy news for me since I also received all items in good condition in less than a week straight to my doorstep!

What's your favorite Guerlain Product?
Are you as excited as I am that Guerlain is available at

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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