Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Inglot Freedom System Palette Look

So finally, I've decided to create a simple makeup look using my newest Inglot Freedom System Palette with the eyeshadows, face powder, cheek powder and lipsticks that I own in this palette!  And don't judge me AMW friends, andun na ako eh, ubusan na to ng headshot poses!  Well, it just proves that the shades made me feel comfortable enough to pose in front of the camera, even in person, I can do all those in seconds :P  Just for you my friends (konting pilit lang hahahaha)

Nikki wears Air Optix contact lens in Green

I am aiming to put the rest of my Inglot products in this palette, this is what I LOVE about the Freedom System, I get to put whatever Inglot makeup I need especially when I'm out on staycation.  As a professional make up artist, this is the answer to my "lugging so much makeup during retouch" because I only need to carry ONE palette!  Trust me when I say, it is a total ease!

For this particular tutorial, I used ALL the products included in my Freedom System Palette.  The look can change depending on how you apply your shadows and what type of lipstick shade you would choose.  In my case, (malakas kayo sa akin), I wore all 5 lipstick shades for you to pick your favorite!  Because I'm the queen of changing lipstick between meetings, this is definitely my "trademark" for now!

In this photo, I concealed undereye circles, filled my brows and wore Air Optix Contact Lens in Green
 So, are you ready?

Set concealer and create healthy-looking skin with Inglot AMC Pressed Powder in shade 56.  This powder doesn't have much coverage but it has a bit of sparkles (almost invisible to the eye) giving the impression that your skin is healthy and glowing.

a photo of Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats wearing Inglot AMC Pressed Powder in shade 56

Since my lip colors are a bit on the dark side, I pick a super natural, neutral-looking blush in shade 204.  This is called Fushion Blush and Illuminator.  I use a large blush brush to apply the main color on the apples of my cheeks, used a smaller eyeshadow blending brush to apply the "illuminator" on top of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and cupid's bow.

a photo of Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats wearing  Fushion Blush and Illuminator shade 204

 Now on to the eyes, Inglot Eye Shadows are creamy, easy-to-blend, highly pigmented and best of all, long-lasting even without primer!  I can get away applying these without eye primer underneath but I totally recommend everyone to use eye primer to keep the shadows stay longer especially on users who are oily-lidded.

Using a large eyeshadow blending brush from Poise Makeup, I picked the matte taupe shade as my eyelid base in shade 358 applying all over crease not going beyond it.

a photo of nikki tiu wearing Inglot Eye Shadow shade 358

Using shade 378, a darker shade to deepen the crease, I apply on the outer-V of the eye blending inwards.  This application is variable to different eye shapes.  Please practice to get the best result!  I also use the same shade to apply on the lower lashline to create bigger-looking eyes.

a photo of nikki tiu askmewhats wearing Inglot Eye Shadow shade 358

Now the matte bases are done, I picked a shimmery copper gold shade 49 to apply at the center of the lid for that "light bulb moment".

a photo of nikki tiu askmewhats wearing Inglot Eye Shadow shade 49

Using a pencil brush, deepen the crease with a matte black shadow, for this particular shade 63, it isn't the usual super deep matte black eyeshadow shade because I want the effect to be more natural!  This is the right kind of black eyeshadow shade for those who have lighter complexion.

Don't forget the lower lashline and always blend everything!

a photo of NIkki Tiu wearing Inglot Eye Shadow shade 49

Line your eyes with your favorite liquid or gel liner!  I prefer to create a super thin line so that the focus of the eyes are the shadows, not the liner.

A photo of Inglot Eye Shadows on Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats

Now on for the lipstick color, I can't pick just one so I've decided to wear them all and YOU help me take a pick on your favorite shade on me!

L-R Shades 86, 77, 82, 37 and 50

A photo of Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks

All Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks shades that I got are extremely pigmented and creamy!  I can easily mix and match any 2, 3 or even 4 shades of lipsticks so I can get as creative as I can be!  I love the fact that they are non-drying, non-sticky and lasts around 3-4 hours before I have to retouch!  Because of the presence of Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil, I would probably say this once: "This is one lipstick I can depend on even for those with the driest of all dry lips!"  I would know, because I am one!

Shade 50
A gorgeous cool toned medium pink shade that appears to be brownish pink if you have heavily pigmented lips like I do.  I would call this a perfect shade that would work for ALL skin tone.
A photo of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick shade 50 Nikki Tiu Askmewhats

Shade 37
A pretty bold red-orange shade!  Again, this won't do the cut on my skin tone but I can imagine users who have darker complexion to rock this bold lip shade!

A photo of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick shade 37 Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats

Shade 82
Deep red shade, also bold color so definitely not for the faint-hearted!  This has a cool undertone so I can imagine most of us warm-toned girls to rock this lip color!  A type of lip color that would make your teeth appear whiter!

A photo of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick shade 82 Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats

Shade 77
Deep red brown shade that has a glossy finish!  I am extremely in love with this shade because I always wanted to rock a "dark red brown" lip color but can't seem to find a good one until I got this!  Definitely an "it" color when you want to make your lips appear sexier without the usual bold red color!

A photo of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick shade 77 Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats

Shade 86
A deep berry shade very close to plum!  Another shade that is so unique I'm keeping this close to my heart!  It doesn't hurt that this particular shade is pretty longer lasting, I was able to eat, drink, drink and eat so many times and yet, the tint stays!  The gloss appears after first drink but the color stays until almost the day ends!

Definitely a must-try shade if you want to up your lipstick game!  I reckon this color works so well on my Air Optix Green Contact Lens!  What do you think?

A photo of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick shade 86 Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats

Now that sums up my ONE Inglot Freedom System Palette!  I can definitely mix and match and create more looks using this one palette!  I can't wait to purchase more freedom system makeup and will share more looks soon!

Do you own a Freedom System Palette?
Which particular look won you over? :D

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. May I know what blending brush do you use? I love your eye look!


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