Thursday, February 2, 2017

AMWtv: Belo Sunexpert Initial Thoughts

Hi AMW friends!  If you follow me on Instagram and are cool enough to click my IG stories, you've probably seen how often I do initial thoughts/product reviews on products that I'm currently testing, random makeup and skincare tips and a whole lot of life-sharing.  With the positive messages I receive on the short and sweet IG stories, I am more inspired to do more!  And with this in mind, I've finally decided to create AMWtv, nothing special, not a full-blown "Vlogger" for sure but you won't definitely see the last of this video!  

Recently, I received a full range of Belo Sunexpert from my Sampelroom family!  Ever since Kyle went to school, I've been using more than the usual sunblock because I wait for him 3 full hours right under the sun so I tend to apply and re-apply more than usual.  So this is a blessings in disguise when I got fresh supplies of my daily sunscreen.  

YES, you read it right, DAILY sunscreen because the Belo Sunexpert definitely falls into that category.  They aren't sticky, extremely lightweight and doesn't change the color of your skin tone, and best of all, they work!  So please scroll further down for my initial thoughts video (upon receiving the products) and my in-depth review on each product.

Please be nice to me, this is definitely super amateurish but its done with 101% love!

For more information on each product after using them (note: I've finished on all 4 products, the newest and only product I haven't finished a tube is the Belo Sunexpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen)

Belo Sunexpert Body SPF60 PA+++ Php459.75
The body lotion is said to be non-sticky, anti-aging, hypoallergenic and paraben-free and all the statements hold true!  It has a good sun protection for daily use and I've tried staying under the sun using this all over my body and so far, I did get slightly tanned (because of no reapplication and I was sweating like a pig) but considering it is only SPF60, it works wonders because I was told by a friend how I get a healthy "light tan".  

I enjoy the fact that it works on my sensitive skin and it doesn't leave a heavy-feel.  

Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF50 PA+++ Php539.75
This is one sun protection I've used up a lot!  This is my 3rd bottle because I prefer to use this especially when I'm around Kyle Nash due to the "safety for kids" feature.  I know my son is not a baby anymore but he's got my sensitive skin-genes!  So far, his skin does not react badly even if he hugs me a lot while I wear this sunscreen.

The added plus for this particular sunscreen is how the spray spread the product equally all over my body without having the need to massage to even out product application.  And best of all?  I didn't get dark using this too!  Perfect for moms on-the-go.

Belo Sunexpert Transparent Mis SPF50 PA+++ Php449.75
Out of the 5 products, this is the only product with a faint smell.  I don't mind the smell but this product does give a "shiny-film" that you can obviously tell you have something on.  Not as lightweight and sheer as the Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray, it is still okay as it doesn't feel greasy or heavy!  You just know something is there and you'll get the hang of using this after a week or so!

This is my perfect solution to "re-apply" sunblock without having the rub the lotion/cream again.  

Belo Sunexpert Face SPF40 PA+++ Php329.75
One of the best local brand face sunscreen and I find myself recommending this brand to friends who are looking for a good sunscreen for the face!  I have to note though that if you have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, you may still need to do a patch test.

As for effectiveness, this effectively protect my face from the harmful rays of the sun minus the greasy-feel, oily-skin and white cast!  This is actually a good sunblock made for girls who like to wear makeup too because it doesn't disturb or change the way you apply your  makeup.

Belo Sunexpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ Php449.75
From video I mentioned that this may come with different shades but I guess there's only one!  I don't mind the ONE shade though because of the presence of Tone Adapt Technology and this product surprisingly adapts to the skin tone and creates a smooth canvass!  I am surprised how nice the feel and texture of this product it gives off a smooth base!  On good skin days, I can wear this alone and set with powder foundation!  

And of course, if you are the type of person who can't go to the beach without a bit of coverage, this is the perfect solution to your "kikay beach problems" :)

Overall, I am very impressed with Belo Sunexpert line and I've been using these for quite some time and I am putting up AMW seal of approval.

Thank you so much to my Sampleroom family for giving me the chance to test these out!  If you want to #trybeforeyoubuy , be a Sampleroom member!

Have you tried any of the Belo Sunexpert Product/s?
Which particular one is your favorite?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. Great review. This made me realize how important suncreen is, I am 35 years old with sunspots on my face. I regret not taking care of my skin. Will buy the sunblock for face asap.


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