Friday, February 3, 2017

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

I've said it so many times, if you need hydration/moisture, look for skincare products that focus on keeping your skin's natural moisture at bay.  One brand I literally went gaga for (not because it is endorsed by my girl crush Song Hye Kyo), but because it really works in the hydration department.... is called the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.  It is indeed a mask-ful of hydration and protection that I can literally call my skin today ---- NORMAL!

The first time I tried Laneige skincare product was year 2011, the most-coveted Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX which received a lot of approval from fellow Beauty Bloggers and enthusiasts worldwide!  

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they started out with Water Sleeping Pack, Water Sleeping Pack Plus, then Water Sleeping Pack EX (which I reviewed) and today, the Water Sleeping Mask.

I may not be a Laneige expert but I'm sure the change means the formulation gets better and they probably "listened" to the needs of the consumer thus the "evolution of water sleeping products".

This version I got is from the Limited Edition Milky Way Collection last December!  

Housed in a cute snow-inspired packaging, this tiny "add-on" can lift my mood which for me is a nice sensory experience.

The "tub" is the same size as the original version and I like how it comes with a spatula because really, I don't like dipping especially with my long fingernails.

One scoop is actually the suggested amount to use for the whole face! The mask has a gel-cream texture which makes it extremely easy to spread and apply.  The product is super lightweight and non-sticky BUT, it doesn't get completely absorbed like regular moisturizer!  (Have to always remind myself this is a Mask!)

As for skincare regimen, I prefer to cleanse my face, tone and use this alone!  I also like to skip the undereye area because I use a separate eye cream for that.

This is indeed a "rich hydration", I tried using this 7 days straight and tried using this only on random days (3x a week).  The result is the same I would say, my skin feels and looks more hydrated and bright than usual if I used it 7 days straight but I prefer to save this up on parched skin days so I like to do the 3x a week application.  (The rest of the days, I use separate sheet masks)

Now, as much as I like to sing all praises for this product, my skin is not getting any younger so I definitely need anti-aging skincare product on most days!  But look closely on my skin after using Laneige Water Sleeping Mask for a month!  See how "plump" it looks?  I can actually survive wearing makeup products even meant for oily skin!  

So in terms of Hydration, Laneige did the best job in "doing its job as named".  I am so happy to have a skincare product I can totally rely on because having extremely dry and parched skin is no joke!  (same as having grease-ball skin!)

The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask retails locally at Php1,400.00 available in all Laneige counters near you.
For more Brand/product information, feel free to follow Laneige Philippines on Facebook and follow them on IG @LaneigePH

Have you tried Laneige Skincare?

Which particular product works for you?

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  1. I haven't tried laniege skincare...I have to check their selection of oily skin girls like me ;)

  2. Your skin look so gorgeous! This sleeping pack is my favourite, I've tried different brands before and this one is the best - I don't get any allergy reactions, the smell is neutral and it really moistures my skin :)

    1. I was surprise how nice this is! thanks sa skin compliment :D

  3. Can you recomend some eye cream? Your skin looks healthy 💕 cant wait to buy it ❤


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