Saturday, April 8, 2017

Starcube Digital TV Box Review

I sit in front of the computer way longer than staying in front of TV.  I can't even remember watching a TV show more than 30 minutes every since I work from home.  

But, everyone in the family depends on TV for entertainment especially after dinner when Mr. AMW's family would sometimes join us for dinner!  As much as I would like to apply for a cable subscription in ALL our televisions at home, it isn't practical because like I said, I don't spend much time on TV but when the "need" or "want" calls for it, I want to have at least something ready.

I recently heard about Starcube Digital TV Box when I overheard our neighbors talk about it (okay, di ako chismosa ah, malakas lang talaga boses nila!)

Because the introductory price isn't expensive and it is just a ONE time payment, I went ahead to learn more about this TV Box.

What Starcube Digital TV Box can offer ---
Enjoy clearer reception of your favorite free TV channels
True enough, the channels are clearer and in Full HD.  The only downside is that, I don't get to watch ALL local TV channels because channel availability is dependent on network coverage.

Play music, photos, and videos saved on your USB
Yay for being able to play our favorite music, videos/movies saved from USB to the TV's USB port.  Tried and tested!

Record your favorite TV shows
Starcube TV can let me save episodes for later viewing.  I homeschool Kyle during the TV news time so I'd like to record some to keep myself updated!

Pause, fast forward, and rewind your TV programs (Time Shift)
Yay for this especially for a hopeless romantic girl that I am!  I'd love to pause, rewind and re-watch
heart-stopping lines, and maybe some favorite scenes for my son, I get to rewind for him to enjoy

The Starcube Digital TV Box is priced affordably at Php1,490.00 (no monthly fees and no lock in)
For more information visit

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Looks nice. Or if you have a smart TV, you can install Kodi or Cartoon HD to watch your favorite shows and movies. I too am not a TV person but I can stare at my monitor for hours. Plus the TV gets hijacked by my daughter anyway so it's either an endless loop of Moana or finding Nemo or finding Dory. :)

  2. Malakas ba ang signal nito sa vizcaya area


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