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Sanicare Personal Care and Baby Care Line Review

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My Blog AskMeWhats has been around for a decade now!  It actually transitioned from just a Beauty Blog to a Lifestyle Blog especially when I turned into an "AskMeMom".  One feedback I get from people whenever I meet them in person?

"You don't look like a mom!"
or "How do you manage your career life and motherhood?

Well, I have a long list of answer for that, but one thing for sure,  I am very particular with Hygiene.  Not only for myself but for the whole family too!

With all the makeup and skincare products out there, it is so easy to "look fresh" or "look beautiful" on the outside, but AskMeWhats as a Blog and as a Person has always been about staying beautiful both IN and OUT.  That said, it is the best tip I could give to maintain that "youthful and fresh-feel", to keep that beauty shining both from the outside and inside --- that includes taking care of your hygiene too!

I recently tested a full range of products from the brand Sanicare.  I specifically tested their Personal Care and Baby Care line.  Who would've thought this brand goes beyond just making tissue paper and cotton buds?  I was amazed how the brand also offers wide range of products needed for hygiene.  The brand covers personal, kitchen bathroom and baby use too!

AMW Personal Care

Sanicare Facial Tissue (Econo and Travel Pack) and Handipack
These facial tissues are 3 ply and are made from 100% Virgin Pulp.  Reading their description states every sheet has no artificial whitener and is elemental chlorine free which means, these are safe to use not only for users with sensitive skin but for kids and babies too!

Aside from that, I like the fact that these facial tissues are soft to touch and can be used for both face and body!  I know how some facial tissues are called "facial tissues" but seems to feel so rough on skin and some even gets torn easily when used.  Thankfully, this doesn't happen with Sanicare and I've been using this brand for clients now.

Sanicare Cleansing Wipes (15s and 80s)

I use up cleansing wipes so fast I have stocks at home.  The Sanicare Cleansing wipes are available in packs of 15s and 80s.  The 15s are stored in my bag for "anytime use" while the bigger packs for used for my makeup gigs!  I use cleansing wipes to clean my makeup station, makeup tools and even brushes!  The cleansing wipes are also my best friend whenever I go to public bathrooms!  I am glad they added moisturizing properties so they won't dry out my already dry skin.

15s are housed in peel-off stickers while the pack of 80s comes with plastic lid + sticker.  The sticker seals pretty tight so my Cleansing Wipes do not get dry in between use.

Sanicare Cotton (150s)
These are made from 100% soft and pure cotton, they are extremely soft and gentle on skin!

AskMeMom's Baby Hygiene Line

Baby Underpads
Okay, I wish I knew about these way earlier!  The Baby Underpads are heaven sent!  This is perfect for diaper changes at home and even perfect when you're on the go!  

These are made with 5 layers: 

  • Top Layer: Made of super soft non-woven material which allows moisture to quickly pass
  • Second Layer: Made of tissue paper
  • Third Layer: Made of a special mixture of absorbent powder and pulp that quickly converts liquid to gel droplets. This keeps the surface dry and minimize any odor
  • Fourth Layer: Made of tissue paper
  • Fifth Layer: Made of PE plastic backing which helps prevent leakage and protects the surface beneath the pad USP: Perfectly designed for baby – super absorbent pad, has leak proof barrier, with cute print

Now here's my tiny secret on how I use this product since I don't have a baby anymore!  Kyle maybe a toddler but there are days he accidentally went his bed!  What I do is that I put a sheet or two underneath our bed sheet to protect our bed in case of "accidents".  It really works!

Baby Wipes (80s and 15s)
These baby wipes from Sanicare has a similar softness with the Cleansing Wipes mentioned above.  The difference though is that these are alcohol and paraben-free, no perfume and are very gentle even for newborn babies! 

I still use Baby Wipes heavily and so far, this does not irritate his sensitive skin and I enjoyed the fact that the sheets are soft yet durable!

Sanicare Jumbo Cotton balls

I used to pile up 2-3 cotton balls to create bigger ball.  Who would've thought someone finally came up with Jumbo Cotton balls?  These are extra large in size for more surface area coverage!  

Sanicare Large Cotton Buds
A big tip cotton bud with safety rim!  I feel more comfortable using these to clean my son's ears as opposed to using regular cotton buds.  These have stopper so I am assured I only get to clean the surface of his ear and leave the rest to the professionals as what his Pediatrician has suggested.

 I also like to use this same large-sized cotton buds to ready the inner corner of his mouth as I clean with a bit of kid-friendly toothpaste.

Mommies with bigger kids should still stock up on these because they are extremely helpful on rare times I need to apply treatment cream on my son's would!  Having to use this soft-tipped cotton bud is better because it is more hygienic and it has less pressure applied so they won't feel discomfort.

Sanicare Mini Cotton Buds
I remembered getting so nervous cleaning my son's nose when asked to do so by the doctor!  A mini sized cotton bud is the answer to avoid damage on the lining of the baby's nose which might cause bleeding!  

I am looking forward to go to the supermarket to check out other Sanicare products because I am impressed with the quality of all the products reviewed in this blog post!  I am so thankful I get to try this brand because I am definitely repurchasing!

Sanicare products are available in leading supermarket and beauty sections near you.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you heard about Sanicare products?

Which particular Sanicare item/s are in your household?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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