Friday, June 16, 2017

AMW Workshop Series VI: Bridal Makeup

Dear AMW Friends,
Life has been a roller coaster for me (in a good way) because I was extremely crazy juggling so many tasks I almost was shocked it was only 2 weeks left when I posted the registration for this particular workshop!  I was nervous, worried and.... SUPER NERVOUS!

But God is good, and I am very thankful for all the AMW Workshoppers who trusted me and went ahead and joined my 6th workshop called Saying I Do: Bridal Makeup.

Shoutout to Spark It HQ, Thanks Franco and super thanks Kara for helping me

Happy Faces!

As always, all my workshoppers get a personalized bag designed and created by Assembly Line (former Archaic Era).  

Aren't they cute?
Bridal Makeup is my most favorite "type" of makeup because that's were I concentrated my makeup artistry and actually did a lot of Bridal Makeup looks in the past before I concentrated on being a Mom and a makeup instructor.

And of course, I always make sure in ANY of my workshops, I have a wall of SPONSORS!  Because really, they are the heroes, my workshops won't happen without their support.

For this batch, here are the list of sponsors!

NYX Professional Makeup, Benefit Cosmetics, Cathy Doll, Solique, Girl Stuff, Kanebo, Golden Rose, Deborah Milano, Catrice Cosmetics, Flormar, Essence, Jordana, Avelina Soap, Esfolio, Makeup World, K-Palette, Make Up For Ever, Beauty and Minerals for 3S Lashes, Charm Essentials and Assembly Line.

And here is a "traincase full of products" which the participants get to take home!  
Participants get to pay only Php2,800 and they get to bring home makeup items and services worth more than Php10,000!

As always, my lovely friend Janina from Girlstuff and Solique made my attendees happy!  Each attendee can have their nails done by a talented Nail Artist from Girlstuff!

The shades used are of course, bridal related!  So mostly soft tones and shades.

As for any of my workshop, I start by doing an hour to an hour and a half of demo (including Q&A).

More demo 

Then the rest of 30 minutes (but it was stretched to 45minutes) was for the attendees to do a hands-on look!  They get to use the products they got and apply whatever they learned during my workshop as I roam around and give them help (if needed).

Helping an attendee use 3s Lashes
 The attendees get to take home products related to my workshop topic!  Because it is Bridal Makeup, I made sure to include something for the body!  Thanks Avelina Soap for the gorgeous smelling Papaya and Moringa and Guava and Moringa Soap!

More products displayed on table from one of the attendee.

More full-sized and sample sized items. 

I love how each attendee get to apply what they learned from me!  I almost wasn't needed as they were able to grasp and apply my teachings that day!  #HappyTeacher


Yay, they are starting to look like Brides! :D

See those serious faces?  Game Face Definitely ON!

And as for any of my workshops, I always wanted my participants to have FUN!  So we did some fun contests and they get to win additional prizes!

I had so much fun and I can imagine myself doing this again and again!  Thanks AMW Workshoppers for making my Saturday extra fun!

To those who want to join my next workshop on June 24, 2017 at BSpot Ortigas, there are still slots left!  Kindly register HERE.

What do you want to learn next on AMW Workshop Series?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to comment your questions, suggestions and just anything you may want to say! Keep smiling and stay happy!