Monday, July 31, 2017

Benefit Gogo Tint Review

I have tried ALL Benefit Tints because I've been loving the brand ever since I started Blogging.  Thankfully, the brand arrived just when I'm almost "blacklisted" from the Postal Office because I've been hoarding and shopping online too much!  

So thankfully, it was easier for me to try Benetint, Chacha Tint, Posie Tint, Lolli Tint.

Most of them, I purchased a full size after trying out their tester size and seems like their newest tint Gogo Tint is another one of those tints that will go to my collection!

AMW wears Benefit Gogo Tint on lips and cheeks
Gogo tint is called a Bright Cherry Tinted Cheek and Lip Stain.

a photo of askmwhats wearing Benefit Gogo Tint

Thanks (or no thanks to Benefit) I got to try the trial sample of the Gogo Tint and I'm hooked!

a photo of Benefit Gogo Tint Review

Full-sized bottle looks like this, super gorgeous cap!

Benefit Gogo Tint says ---
"Gogotint is the wildest flush you can get from a bottle! Our see-through bright cherry red lip & cheek stain is vibrant, juicy and pops till you drop. Release your inner rebel with colour that lasts!"

On first look, this shade reminds me so much of that of the Benetint.  Looking closely, or if you are a Benetint user for years, you'll immediately spot the difference!

Benetint is bright red cherry while Gogo Tint has a hint of bright reddish PINK.  The consistency of Benetint is thinner while Gogo tint is thicker.

When applied on cheeks and lips, you can immediately spot the difference because both are completely different on skin!

a swatch photo of Benefit Gogo Tint

Since Gogo Tint has a bit "Creamier" consistency, I find this easier to blend and doesn't dry as quickly as that of Benetint.  I like to apply straight using the brush applicator on the apples of my cheeks and quickly dab and blend using clean fingers OR...

a photo on how to apply Benefit Gogo Tint

I prefer damp Beauty Blender because it also blurs out excess color making the effect more subtle and natural.

a photo on how to apply Benefit Gogo Tint

When applied on lips, it goes pretty smoothly and covers up the lips in around 1-2 application.  I like how my whole face lit up using just one product on both cheeks and lips.

a photo of askmewhats Nikki Tiu wearing Benefit Gogo Tint on lips and cheeks

Overall, I am loving this new shade from Benefit!  It's a nice pick-me-upper shade and works especially perfect on Mondays!

Have you seen Benefit's newest lip and cheek stain GoGo tint?
What's your favorite tint from Benefit?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Whoa the tint is so pigmented I have to remind myself to apply that sparingly or else I can compete with Puca Puca.

  2. hi,just purchased a benetint at lazada. which one is real? 12.5ml or 10ml? my 1st bottle of benetint labelled,12.5ml bought at benefit sm-moa. now,i got mine from seller "your make up box" has 10ml only?


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