Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why I Enjoy Visiting Shangrila Mall!

Whenever I have a meeting at Ortigas Area, I am happy whenever client says "Shangrila Mall".  First off, there's a good amount of parking spaces and I can always opt for Valet Parking if I'm lazy (which never happens by the way).  Second, the washrooms are extremely clean and you know how long it takes for me to travel from Manila to Ortigas, a bathroom break is NECESSARY.  Third, the place is quiet so I can easily talk to my clients and even catch up with friends!

During my recent trip at Shangrila Mall, I got even happier when I saw several Japanese-inspired displays!

For the whole month of July, everyone visiting the mall will get the taste of everything Japanese to commemorate the 61st Annual Filipino-Japanese Friendship month.

Aside from all the Japanese inspired displays, there are activities and exhibits to learn more about the culture.

These colorful Kimonos were actually owned by someone who are into collecting Kimonos.  Check them out at the East Wing of Shangrila Mall.

And there's even more reason why having a meeting at Shangrila is even more exciting than ever!  The recent launch and opening of The Park Fashoin + Lifestyle store.
Angela and Mariel, fellow owners of local brands Soak Swimwear and Swen Sandals

"THE PARK FASHION + LIFESTYLE was conceptualized to promote and give moreexposure to a handful of start up designers and brands in a market where foreign chain stores have taken over.  THE PARK FASHION + LIFESTYLE in Shangri-la Mall aims to be the go to store for the latest finds from the local designers and entrepreneurs. With over 40 brands ranging from clothes, swimwear, accessories, scents, makeup to name a few, there will always be something new and exciting for everyone."
As I visited the newly opened store, I can see carefully curated brands from fashion to lifestyle and you can definitely appreciate the talents of our very own local designers!

I also saw my favorite brands such as Amber Lights Laguna.


Nippon Esthetic where I can easily purchase Bohktoh, Tenten and a lot more!

I also spy the brand Suesh very near the entrance of the store.

Some newer brands but items that caught my fancy --- Moda Bella by 37 LA

House Of Scents

Sola Jewelry

Hide and Seek

Maarte Artcessories

School of Satchel

And a whole lot more!  More listing of brands below ---

  • Twilo Ph
  • From Us 2 U
  • Bare Essentials
  • Pink Label
  • Uashmama Philippines
  • Cole Vintage
  • Cathy Bags
  • Swordfish
  • Lemon Clothing
  • Susto Clothing
  • The Soap Story
  • Kaayo Modern Mindanao
  • MStudio Manila
  • Mantou Clothing
  • Soak Swimwear
  • Sewn Sandals
  • Naoe Ph
  • Suit Up
  • Sorsia Shoes
  • Georly Shoes
  • Golden Ticket Waist Trainers
  • Ete Style
  • Pasayda Manila
  • Eunice Sason
  • Lluna the Brand
  • New Age Gypsy
  • Oh My Bag
  • Soleil Et Lune
  • Organic Harvest
  • Tokyo Beauty Bar
  • The Candle Room
  • Dazzling Chic

Shopping with Marj Sia and Jackie Go has never been THIS FUN!
I am definitely looking forward to spend more of my "work and pleasure" time here at the mall because, guys, I have more reasons now!

What's your favorite activity/store at Shangrila Mall?
Have you checked out The Park store?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hello! Where ro buy those tassel earrings? Hope they have online though..

    1. at The Park! it's displayed there so you'll see immediately!

  2. Shang starbucks is where I usually close deal with our client and the baristas are more accommodating in my opinion.

    1. ah really? I think most Baristas are accommodating! BUt extra??? I'll see nga!

  3. Is that a romper or a dress?

    1. none of the above hehehe it's a separate shorts and top na off shoulder from Apartment8


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