Saturday, November 25, 2017

I am a #PhilipsMOMforMoms Ambassador

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When I was asked to join this advocacy called Philips MOM for Moms, I did a bit of research online and immediately said YES!


Well, firstly, Philips is a leading health technology company and has always done various projects to hep improve the lives of mankind.

Today, they are embarking on a grand and never-before-done feat of monitoring mothers-to-be who are at high risk of pregnancy-related complications in the Philippines.

The event was held at Makati Diamond Residences last November 21st and was hosted by fellow mommy Ms. Issa Litton.

Philips' MOM program was first launched in a pilot in Padang Indonesia year 2014.  They succssfully launched the MOM program year 2016 in Sijunjung District of West Sumatra Province.  Now what is MOM?

Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring (MOM) harnesses the power of timely information: the midwife will key in all information about the patient and data will go straight to the server where it allows the midwife to automatically calculate clinical decisions, record examinations and generate reports.  Wherever the doctor is, he or she can remotely view these reports and give real-time consultations.  Saves a lot of time and LIVES in my opinion!

It is great news that Philips has reached several NGOs and government agencies for this campaign.  With positive results, the project will roll out successfully year 2018!

This post, is me, trying to do my part, in help raising awareness about the increasing maternal mortality rate in the country and let's help share this post for everyone to be AWARE!

MOM or Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring is one of the innovative software solutions from Philips that will allow healthcare workers to perform antenatal risk stratification receive diagnostic assistance, assess a patient's progress via mobile device (app) to enhance maternal care especially in those areas in our country that needed the most help!

Again, with this project, let us help decrease Maternal death of approximately 4,500 moms a year due to hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, sepsis and problems related to obstructed labor and abortion.

The signing of #PhilipsMOMforMoms T-shirt to show our support!

With fellow Philips MOM ambassadors Say Alonzo, Melissa Ricks and Helga Krapf

YOU, can do your part by sharing this post!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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