Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Nomination Italy For Brides-To-Be

After getting my first Nomination Composable bracelet for Mother's Day.  I easily got my second Nomination Composable with no second thoughts because wearing them everyday is like wearing my favorite watch!  Stacking them looks really nice you can see me wear them on photos and videos!

Because it made me happy to wear them, this brand also turned out to be my "default" gift-giving brand to the people I love.  Check out what I picked for my mom-in-law and how it made her extremely happy!

And the spreading of good vibes did not stop there!  My sister-in-law is getting married next year!  So I've decided to surprise her with her own piece of Nomination Composable because family should have something "matchy-matchy"!  

I have known Grace when she was still a Kid!  And I've seen her grow and I've always been a sister to her!  So it wasn't difficult to pick the right piece for her because I know what tickles her fancy.

For the composable bracelets, you can pick between a silver color, rose gold or gold!  Since Gold is "good fortune" for Chinese, I've decided to pick this one for Grace.  Designing is a bit challenging especially if you are gifting this to someone else!  Here's an important tip for you ----

  • Know what makes the recipient happy!  I know Grace has always been into cute and girly stuff.  So that was what I was aiming for when I entered the store.
  • Think of a theme before choosing your pieces, do you want your bracelet to be about travel?  Family?  Love?  Friendship?  Marriage?  
  • After picking up the composable bracelet shade, you ask help from the friendly staffs to know which particular pieces would go well with the bracelet color.

It was an easy-peasy decision-making for me as I immediately asked for Marriage/Couple-related pieces!  I was able to trim down my choices!

There's Heart with studs, Mr. and Mrs., and a lot more!  You may even go for the initials of soon-to-be Bride and Groom!

Here's my ahem...masterpiece!
"I Love You To the Moon and Back"

Mr. and Mrs. 

I actually gave the gift to Grace in advance because I just can't keep it any longer! 
She is very happy with the piece I created and best of all?  She can easily go back to Nomination Italy Glorietta branch to add more pieces depending on her liking!

Nomination Italy PH is giving 15% discount on all Nomination Jewelry except SALE Items to my wonderful readers.  Use this code when you shop --- AMWxNOM15
 (again not affiliated with the brand, I just love discounts!)

Have you tried or seen Nomination Italy Composable piece?
Are you willing to invest on one?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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