Saturday, September 23, 2017

Live Everyday with a Grateful Heart

That's my motto in life after: "Laughter is not only the best medicine, so as smiling."
That's my happy pill that pushes me to be the cheerful person that I am!  That said, I want to thank the real heroes behind my "persona".

Last Christmas, my parents-in-law gifted me a bangle for Christmas and I remembered not saying much (that's a huge deal because I am NEVER silent!).  I was touched to the core!  It wasn't the bracelet that made me speechless, it was the gesture of being gifted with something so precious that shoots me to the moon and back.

When I got my Nomination Italy Composable bracelet a couple of months ago for Mother's Day  (and even got a second one because Rose Gold was calling my name), I realized how much I wear then on a daily basis and how happy I am seeing my "personal composition" on my write on my notebook, write for my Blog and cook for the family.

Without any special occasion, I've decided to thank one of my superwoman --- Mommy Jeane.

Side Note: I know how other moms have issues with their in-laws, I am so lucky I've got the best in-laws in the world!  --- she doesn't read my Blog, so this is not sipsip guys!  #lol

Still on high from my Bella La Vita rose gold composable piece, I picked that same chain and went from there.  Without much idea in mind on what to compose, I just opted for something classy, beautiful and heart-warming --- because those are the adjectives I would use for my mommy.

And I was able to compose this! 

Front part, 2 golden hearts (because she's got heart of gold).  I added 3 stones in purple (2 oval shaped and one circular).

Since I have 2 butterflies on my own piece, I enjoyed seeing it move whenever I move my arm, so I've decided to add one at the back part of the bracelet.

Lovely butterfly that means --- Aim high and soar high!

When worn
Sorry mama, had to try it! :P

A quick tip for first-time shoppers, don't get overwhelmed with all the charms, stones and dangling pieces.  Keep in mind to start looking into the collections, they also have pieces that are already fixed so I always go for inspiration before I start picking my own design.

You may also ask the specialist because they really have an eye for fashion and design.  I was able to compose my mom's piece in less than 10 minutes with the help of these friendly staffs.

But of course, the best way is to bring your special someone with you and feel free to create each other's composable bracelets!

Do you like the Nomination Composable Bracelet I created for my mom?
Who are you grateful for today?  Don't forget to thank them even with just a simple "Thank You" and a hug!

Nomination Italy PH is giving 15% discount on all Nomination Jewelry except SALE Items to my wonderful readers.  Use this code when you shop --- AMWxNOM15 (again not affiliated with the brand, I just love discounts!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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