Saturday, January 20, 2018

SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals for the Body

I'm not sure if you heard about Dead Sea Minerals as a good ingredient for skincare.  I learned so much about them during another brand's launch called Mineral Flowers 8 years ago.  Unfortunately, the brand didn't make it so it was a nice surprise for me to find another brand with the same ingredients that comes from Mother Nature.

SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals

SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals offer a range of high-quality products formulated with Dead Sea minerals and developed in a state of the art laboratory. Powered by its innovative SEESEA Skincare Energizer (SSE) Complex, SeeSea skincare helps restore, renew, and rejuvenate skin suffering from disorders, thanks to its health-promoting Dead Sea minerals combined with powerful plant extracts indigenous to the region. Experience the healing properties of Dead Sea minerals with SeeSea Skincare.

These are more high-end products and after trying out their body-care products, I can understand why. 

Seesea Dead Sea Minerals Whitening Hand Cream

What I like about this product is how it can soothe and smooth the dryness of my hands.  I had issues recently with my hands and I treated it with medication thus my hands turn dry and wrinkly.  I took immediate action and use this every single night before going to bed and I honestly wake up with better looking hands.

a photo of Seesea Dead Sea Minerals for the Body review by Nikki Tiu

SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals Body Lotion
I love it that this product smells so relaxing.  The hint of aromatic oil soothes me on every application.  The product is non-greasy and gets absorbed into my parched skin so fast!  My only issue?  I used up this tube so fast because I tend to apply this several times a day!  It is THAT addictive.

a photo of Seesea Dead Sea Minerals for the Body review by Nikki Tiu

SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals Whitening Foot Cream
If there's a part of my body that is crying for help, that's my feet for sure!  My feet has rough edges around the heel area and since I love walking barefoot at my son's play area, it tends to be dark or some areas (TMI I know!  Sorry)  But seriously, I am starting to apply this religiously every night before going to sleep hoping it will help whiten some areas.

I still haven't seen results for now after using a 1/4 of the product from this tube but I have high hopes!

a photo of Seesea Dead Sea Minerals for the Body review by Nikki Tiu

SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals are available at Watsons and online (

Have you seen these products?
Will you invest on a pricier body care products same as skincare? 

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