Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Make Up For Ever Sculpting KIT Review

When I was studying makeup, one of the most sought after "contour and highlight" product was the one from Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit.  I've been wanting this forever but since I get easily distracted from other brands, I can't believe I just got this item latter part of last year!  

Make Up For Ever Sculpting KIT
02 Neutral Light

It comes in a nifty smooth black compact that is slim enough store even in your slim and tiny handbag.  

The Sculpting Kit is a set of two compact powders suited to reshape and alter the size of the face using a light and shadow contrast. Using the dark shade in hollow areas reduces the size of the face, while the light shade can be applied to prominent features, helping to emphasize them.

In US site, there are a total of 4 compacts to choose from -
01 Light Pink
02 Neutral Light
03 Gold
04 Dark

I got mine by ordering at https://www.makeupforever.com.ph website and 02 Neutral Light was the one available.  At the moment, they are out of stock but feel free to purchase this in store!

L- Contour, R- Highlight

For application, I like to use an angled blush brush and apply the dark powder first on areas of my face that I like to contour.  Prominent areas like the hollow areas of my cheeks, the sides of my nose and maybe a bit on my forehead close to the hairline.

Please note that a little goes a long way, applying too much may not only look unnatural but make the subject look older and stressed.

Here's a very important part, either you pick a different brush or make sure the brush you use to contour is completely clean and free from contour pigments, pick the highlight powder and highlight key areas like the tip of the nose, forehead, highest points of your cheeks,etc...

With that same clean brush, blend both powder shades together and you shouldn't see any obvious lines!

Before and After

Neutral Light shade is universally flattering as the contour powder shade is cool-tone thus won't make it look unnatural.  While the highlight shade do not contain any sparkles so the effect is really natural.

Both powders are silky and velvety to touch so it is easy to blend.  A little goes a LONG way so try your best not to apply with heavy hands because it is better to add than to subtract pigments.  

Just in case you made a mistake and applied more than needed, apply a matte face powder on top just to lessen the color.

Overall, I am very happy with this palette and this would work well on most Filipinas!

Do you like this Sculpting Kit?
Do you think it's natural enough to be worn on daily basis?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. Good day,
    Ask ko lang po saan pwde makabili ng Make up forever contour kit? Nagpunta ako sa store nila pero wla na po stock ung ganun.
    Thank you.


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