Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fake Glowing Skin Without Looking Fake!

 When Benefit announced a new Box O' Powder is arriving, I was holding onto my seat trying hard not to squirm because I have always been a Box O' Powder collector!  Since the arrival of Benefit in the Philippines more than 5 years ago, I swore to myself I'll grab every single Box O' Powder available because I just love their blushes that way!

I've said it so many times on my Blog and #AMWIgStories , my first love is Hervana, then was moved to Galifornia because of the gorgeous glow it gives!  Don't let me start talking about each blush because they hold a very special place on my cheeks especially Dallas - learned how much I love this just last year!

So where is the blush you say?  I'm pointing it for you!

A lot of the Blush Maven may not like Gold Rush.  I was glad Gold Rush came in just this year because if this came out several years ago, I'll dislike it so much this may probably go straight to the deepest part of my blush drawer!   But because fake, glowing skin is IN right now, even beauty enthusiasts are starting to apply highlighters on the apples of the cheeks, well, no need for that BOOM CHEEKS look!  You can create highlighted, gorgeous-looking skin effect with Gold Rush.

a photo of Benefit Gold Rush review.

Benefit Gold Rush

a photo of Benefit Gold Rush review.

Hailed as a warm golden-nectar blush.  
The product comes with more gold on the top layer but this will disappear and you'll get more color once you reach the center.

a photo of Benefit Gold Rush review.

a photo of Benefit Gold Rush review.

This will be perfect for fair to dark complexion!  I think users with medium to darker complexion will see the result and effect more than users with fairer complexion.

a swatch photo of Benefit Gold Rush review.

It takes a while to get used to applying this powder.  There will be tiny gold flecks flying around on first few uses but it settled after several use.

I like to use the brush that comes with the product because they grab the pigments better than my regular brush.  I don't know about you, I normally dislike using brushes that comes with the product but Benefit Box O' Powders are exception to the rule.

a photo of Benefit Gold Rush review.

Closer look
You don't see much color on fair skin BUT, in person, I love the smooth skin effect.  I actually will use this to apply on arms and chest area for my clients!  It gives a fake-looking (yet not obviously) gorgeous glowing skin

a photo of Benefit Gold Rush review.

The scent of this product is AMAZING!
On days I like to see more blush, I use ANY Blush I have - it could be pink, peach, brown, lavender, etc... I top it with Benefit Gold Rush and I love the glowing skin!

a photo of Benefit Gold Rush review askmewhats

I highly recommend using this alone if you have full make up on -- full makeup means eyeshadow and maybe statement lips?  This will create a nice and soft contrast.

Have you seen Benefit Gold Rush in person?
How do you fake glowing skin?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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