Tuesday, September 18, 2018

AMW Wears: White Chic

There are days I will have the mood to share my OOTDs and today is one of those days!
I am not calling myself a Fashionable person but I know my style.  I'm a type of girl who can actually go through stores in less than 5 minutes and know if something would work for me or not!  Call that a talent, but my husband was actually the one pulling me into stores to SHOP and can't believe how I can see everything and "know" nothing would work!

I guess, I knew my style, my body type and my needs.  And today, I'm sharing some tips how I mix and match my outfit making me look like I have gazillion of clothing items, but in reality, I just have hundreds (Joke lang!)

Whenever I purchase an item, I usually go with fashion and trend and maybe purchase 1 or 2 pieces and match it with old pieces to update my wardrobe!  I also like prints but I try to keep it at minimal and invest on key pieces.  

Since Blogging Events started, it is a requirement to own Black and White in your closet because most of the time, the event calls for it!  So now, you see me invest on gorgeous white pieces just like this one which I got from Plains & Prints.

The piece calls for a nice pants but I want to wear it several ways!  For this one, I went for my old Forever 21 skirt and it looks like a complete dress!  What do you think?

As a mom, I usually prepare early in the morning and go straight to event after sending my son back home!  I also make sure my outfit is comfortable enough to be worn the WHOLE day, at the same time, easy enough to move for driving, to look care for my son!  

I am actually surprised I survived the whole day without messing up my top!  Again, it must be another talent I didn't know I have! 

The shoes will complete the overall look but I always cheat on that!  I wear comfy shoes or sandals before event and bring along with me the appropriate shoes and change!  

This is an old pair of shoes I got from Zalora!  I'm glad I got it, it's not my usual style but it works so well on most of my white, gray and black outfit!

How do you like my look?
Do you want more AMW Wears post?

I'll try to inject more whenever I have the time, and an Instagram YAYA with me :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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