Thursday, September 20, 2018

Digital Story App You May Want To Try with Your Kid!


Can't veer your kids away from electronic devices?  You want them to read stories and books?
Well, if you can't beat them...JOIN THEM!

As a kid who grew up in a very conservative and strict family, I still pass down the values I learned from my parents to my son and of course, I did a bit of twist.  I welcome electronic device because hey, we are in this world were kids really have to learn to use them, and yet, I make sure my son stick to my rules on using them in moderation - same as playtime and study time - everything has to be in moderation.

My son loves to read books, books are his happiness!  As much as a lot of you may want me to rejoice, well, there will always be a downside of something "too much".  Because he loves his books so much, he tends to be engrossed on them and sometimes, forget I"m right beside him!  I like it when he engage me in his "story world" but I sometimes think it's not enough and I want more "human time"!

I recently discovered an app from Star Margarine which I shared on my Instagram page which I enjoyed so much!  Yes, kasama ang I!  Why?  Because we had more conversation with this than his books!

All you have to do is check out this link ---
Upload your photo and your kid's photo and that's it!

Kyle, upon seeing the photo of his mommy and himself wearing a Dinosaur suit, that caught his attention and he grabbed my phone and sat beside me right away saying: "Kyle the Dinosaur and Friends, let's read please!"

P.S. Guys, punong puno pa ng kanin ang bibig niya lol!

I myself was "aliw" with this app!  Our faces fit perfectly and I can't help but smile page after page.  Bigay niyo na sa akin when I say: "Ang cute namin!" :P

Here's the best part, you get 4 different adventures for your kid! 

In Coaster Hills, Kyle will meet a Dino friend called Lucy!  It is so cute as they went for a roller coaster ride!

In Cheer Valley, Kyle met Chello and hedid pompoms with them! So adorable!

Boulder Bridge is Kyle's favorite adventure among them all!  There he met 3 Dinosaurs and he helped them with the help of Star Margarine na baon ni Mommy! :D

In Hero Canyons, Kyle showed Captain Rex his secret to all the powers he has  Ang cute talaga guys!

In every adventure, Kyle goes back home..and whenever he sees this photo, you can see the sadness in his eyes when he exclaimed: "Where's mommy?"

Siyempre, I got kilig, engrossed with his adventures, he still remembers me!  The Pandesal with Star Margarine ata was the reminder for him that mommy was the one who gave it to him!

Then he would shriek with laughter everytime he sees this photo at the end of this adventure.  Then, he would give me a real hug! awwwww

Mommies, try this app because seriously, it's very simple yet it is one of the best bonding time me and my son had!  And take note: We have a lot of bonding activities!  If this earned a thumbs up from me, you know it's worth it!

Go na and bond with your kids with this app!  Super nice talaga!

Great job Star Margarine!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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