Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Starting the Week Right

Everybody thinks Monday is the most stressful day of the week.
Not for me, Monday is actually the most relaxing day of my week because the crazy busy schedule starts on a Tuesday!  

Traffic is crazier, the schedule of my son and my work schedule gets packed on a TUESDAY.  Well it starts on a Tuesday and goes crazier by the week.

So yes, I took the effort to write a blogpost about it because, Today is TUESDAY and I need a huge hug!

For style, I make sure I look made-up yet feels comfortable from head to toe!  Check out one of my favorite default look for a busy mom/working girl.

The top I got from a bazaar and I love outfit that looks really simple in front yet gives a lasting impression at the back (hopefully not pneumonia! hahaha)

Paired this top with a simple light blue jeans from Uniqlo.  I love Uniqlo I swear and this is my favorite jeans to date I've been wearing this on a weekly basis!  

Then, my favorite shoe brand as of the moment ShopTaryn.  I got a similar pair which I featured HERE and this time, the Tan version is just as lovely as the black.

Where to purchase ShopTaryn shoes?  Click HERE

As for any momma, a spacious bag is a must but must be easy to carry along especially if you have an active kid to chase after school!

The Anello Classic Shape Shoulder Bag in Regular Size is spacious enough I use it on my recent Hong Kong Travel and for daily use!  

I guess, I'm ready to face the world!  Are you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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