Sunday, March 10, 2019

There's a "HOTDISH" in town!

Food delivery services are so important to me because it comes with a "story".
Back when my mom suffered depression (story HERE), I had a full time job back then and my mom can't seem to do everything (even the thing she loved most --- cooking!)

So I ended up ordering from 1 restaurant to another, I tried searching for food delivery services option but there wasn't a lot of those back then!  And what's worst, my mom and dad got bored with restaurant food and they ended up not wanting to eat anymore!

They wanted homecooked meals, that's why when I heard about Hotdish: Real Food for Everyday Celebration food delivery service, I gave it a try and let me tell you something - it hits right the spot - my heart and stomach!  :P

 Hotdish is a delivery and take-out service which provides delicious yet affordable Filipino-Asian inspired dishes.
There are a few standout dishes that cannot go without special mention: Pancit Sisig, Pancit Tapa, Supreme Sisig, Beef Caldereta, Kare-Kare, Creamy Spaghetti, Shanghai Lumpia and Pichi-Pichi. 

And call me "mababaw" but I LOVE their packaging!  It's Octagon in shape making it easy to serve straight from box to the dining table!  I like how I can create "beehive" with it!  

Now on to the dishes I tried from Hotdish, here's they are!

I read quite a number of good review on their Pancit Sisig.  I LOVE pancit this was definitely an ultimate test between me and HotDish!

The pancit dish itself is delicious!  Loads of crunchy fresh vegetables and the noodle was cooked just right, not too dry or wet.  

Then there's the sisig, would you believe the sisig itself tastes like a separate dish?  As much as I'm tempted just to scoop out the Sisig and eat it with hot rice, I mix everything together and that's were the magic begins!  

A squeeze of calamansi per serving is a perfect sour and salty combination - hits my Filipino heart!

Then there's Creamy Spaghetti perfect for kids and kids at heart!  their version is very sweet and it is loaded with CHEESE!  The spaghetti is super "sauce-y" making it a perfect spaghetti for Kyle!

You will read the word favorite a couple of times but if you ask me which one is my ultimate favorite dish among the dishes you see here?  This FISH TEMPURA!  You all know I love my Tempura from Dampa, though I had to pop on anti-histamines after, I don't need to do so with this and it tastes just as good as the ones I get from Dampa!  Crunchy still after delivery but I wanted to reheat this just to make sure so I pop this inside the oven for good 10 minutes and the tempura sauce sealed the deal!

Sorry ang sarap talaga, looking at this photo made me salivate again!

Then there's Beef Caldereta, you all know how much I love to cook dishes that are very "sauce-y" and Hotdish did it with the extremely tender beef cubes, ample amount of potatoes and a full container of SAUCE! 

So I had to workout extra this week for the extra rice!

Lastly, a meal won't be complete without dessert, I've tasted this last year at a Christmas gathering with friends and I knew what to expect.  You get smooth pitchi pitchi with an authentic cassava taste.  The salty cheese is just right to complement the sweet taste.  I can actually get away without the cheese (personal preference) because I love PITCHI PITCHI as it is!

Overall, it was a great experience and I got the food ON TIME (even earlier than expected).  You only need to secure a delivery charge and the price range of their food is just right.

HotDish is open from Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 9 PM. (last call to accept order is at 7 PM).  They accept advance order and bulk order for any occasions such as private parties, corporate events and others.  They also offer packed meals.

Hotdish delivers to all areas within Metro Manila.
For inquiries and orders: 936 7053,  Smart/Sun 0933 820 7171,  Globe 0917 596 7171

For more information, visit their website and follow HotDish PH on Facebook and Instagram.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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