Saturday, April 27, 2019

Empowering The Filipino Farmers as You Eat Healthily

6 years ago, after giving birth to Kyle, I swore to myself I'll do EVERYTHING to breastfeed him.  Not because I am "pressured" by the society to do so but a personal decision.  

Malunggay soup, malunggay soup, malunggay soup and oh!  Malunggay tablets - was all I had back then!  Well, it isn't for the fact that there aren't other choices of malunggay food but I wasn't aware that there are companies out there who, aside from creating products meant for moms, there is a company called Naturearth Corp. who actually created a community to help moms and new moms take care of themselves and share tips in giving their babies the best nutrition there is - breastmilk!  

How about those who aren't breastfeeding anymore?  How to deal with kids who are picky eaters?  Well, the company thought of everything!  They also created healthy snacks not only for moms but delicious enough for kids to want to eat them too!

Let's start with breastfeeding moms or EVERYONE!  

M2 Ready To Drink and M2 Concentrate 
I love ready-to-drink because I can easily put them in fridge and just grab a bottle and drink on my way to sending my son to school.  The concentrate is also great especially since my son LOVES to drink "juice".  He actually wanted to see me do the "mixing" in front of him and even suggested to add more ice!  I love that this drink has all the key ingredients to keep me and my family healthy!  It is also the most covenient way for my son to take his daily vegetable requirement!

For the concentrate, the best way to do is just add 4 tablespoon of M2 in a glass of ice water and enjoy!  You may even add in kalamansi for that extra punch!

  • M2 Ready to Drink (Php55.00) 
  • M2 Concentrate 300ml (Php110.00)
  • M2 Concentrate 1L (Php270.00)
Then for snacks!  Naturearth also has wide range of products that is not only healthy but SUPER delicious.  Ever since I go back to the gym, I take more conscious effort to snack healthily as well so these came in right on time!

  • Mix Camote Chips 
  • Malunggay Shing-A-Ling 75grams (Php40.00) 
  • Moringa Otap

And of course, I have to give this a very special mention because I ate this IMMEDIATELY after unboxing and I am still craving for the Salted Egg Potato Chips right this very moment.  One of the best I've tried and it doesn't hurt that these are from the Philippines - I know the imported out there are well-known but hey, let's help Filipino Farmers and support local goodies!

Then they also have Tea Mix, Turmeric powder and Malunggay Powder as well just in case you love to add them in your own meals!  I love to cook and I love to experiment!  I've tried adding Malunggay Powder in one of my eggplant burger dish and it was a huge success!  

For more information, Follow M2 Lactation Club on FB and you can purchase these items online.
Also available in Andoks, Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, ALLDAY ,Landmark and all resellers nationwide.

I hope I shared something useful for you today!  Any of the product/item mentioned above are you most excited/intrigued to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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