Sunday, April 28, 2019

Weekend Food Trip at: Mesa

Every weekend, we go out to have fun as a family whether it is as simple as going to a mall or go to a park to play bubbles.

Recently, I've found myself craving for Filipino food!  It must be the dish that made me want to visit ANY Filipino restaurants in the Metro as long as may "GISING-GISING". 

This came out as a surprise as I am not a fan of coconut milk dish.  But to answer what's on your mind - no I'm not pregnant.  #lol

But the Gising-Gising dish from Mesa earns thumbs up from me, the one I ate at San Lazaro branch is a bit spicier than other branches but overall, it was perfect!

Then of course, in every Filipino restaurant we have to include buttered scallops na din!  It's one of Mr. AMW's favorite dish too.

Since Mr. AMW is not a gising-gising fan, I gave him a go signal to go unhealthy - Crispy Pata is a way to go with a hot cup of garlic rice (or 2)!

Which restaurant serves the best gising-gising dish for you?
Please comment and let me know as I'm really on a hunt for more gising-gising dishes!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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