Friday, November 8, 2019

AMW WORKSHOP SERIES X: Let's Get the Party Started!

Dear AMW Workshoppers and Friends:

Here it is, I was able to stretch my time to create 1 last workshop before the year ends!  This is really special because it is my 10th workshop!  We all know that 10 is something really meaningful + I am doing this workshop close to Christmas!

This isn't the usual workshop that you've encountered in my past 9 workshops (if you are a #Repeater), this one is a WORKSHOP + Thanksgiving party!  I have extended this workshop to a maximum of 30 Workshoppers and will be inviting guests and sponsors, so it is a max of 50 people in the venue meaning, it does seem like a Christmas Party right?

Don't worry, even if the crowd is bigger, the lessons and the quality of makeup workshop will still be the same!  I have to apologize that I have to increase the workshop fee to Php3,000.00!  Things have gone up --- the prize of lootbag, personal printing, food etc...!

Don't worry though, the products you will take home will amount more than what you play for!  And that's not all!  We have a surprise Christmas Gift from each brand who sponsors + MORE!  Watch out my IG Stories for updates because I will randomly share what's in store for you!  Basta, it is very exciting!

 Let's Get the Party Started!
Php3,000.00 / head

designed by: Assembly Line

The fee includes :
  • Free makeup/skincare items from sponsors (Mix of full size and deluxe size) worth more than what you paid for!  
  • Snacks and Drinks.
  • Free Nail Polish/ Simple Nail Art Service c/o Girlstuff/Solique.  (Please arrive on time so you get to enjoy this service!)
  • Unlimited Q&A with yours truly within the provided period of time.
  • Will be part of the AMW Workshop Series FB Group so you can continue to ask questions online.
  • Personalized Ecobag plus special prizes awaits.  You may ask past #AMWWorkshoppers as I always want to give MORE!
  • Pro tips on how to apply makeup perfect for the Holiday!  

For registration, kindly click LINK below ---

Please make sure to register ONLY if you are seriously joining!
I am accepting max of 30 participants only.  The space is bigger so I will also be inviting sponsors to join us!  So don't be surprised if you see more heads than before!

Thanks to all the sponsors for always supporting my workshop!  I will be sharing some of the products YOU WILL GET if you join on IG Stories so please follow me on Instagram #shamelessPlug 

See you #AMWWorkshoppers !

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to comment your questions, suggestions and just anything you may want to say! Keep smiling and stay happy!