Saturday, November 23, 2019

GROM Gelato Finally in The Philippines!

I may not be into sweets but on rare days, I do crave for a good helping of ice cream - GELATO in particular!

So when I heard GROM gelato is officially launching in Manila, I clearned my schedule and tried this gelato fresh from ITALY!

GROM gelato was founded in Italy in 2002 by friends Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom in the hopes of creating the best gelato in the world. After realizing how a great many gelaterias no longer made gelato the way it used to be made--without the use of artificial colouring, aromas, and emulsifiers, the duo committed to creating GROM gelato the way traditional Italian gelaterias used to make gelato – with pure, authentic, and Italian craftmanship. 

Pure speaks of the way every tub of GROM is made. The brand uses raw, naturally sourced materials, either from their own organic farm Mura Mura or from one of their partner suppliers from around the world. Each raw ingredient is meticulously sourced to ensure the most delicious flavor and beautiful colour possible for each pint. Once sourced, these ingredients are mixed without altering their natural flavor and color. GROM prides itself in the fact that it uses only the purerest ingredients.

After trying out GROM Gelato in 4 flavors during the launch.  I have to agree.  You can literally taste REAL ingredients.  Each scoop gives that awesome party inside your mouth with real ingredients dancing all along "The Sound Of Ice Cream Music" ! 

GROM is available in pints in 4 GROM flavors: Cioccolato, Pistacchio, and Stracciatella, and Crema di GROM.

Crema Di GROM - Made with pastry cream, Venezuelan chocolate chips, one of the
most aromatic in the world and Grom’s own meliga biscuits, the brand’s signature flavor
is the perfect combination of Guido’s passion for the highest quality raw materials and
Federico’s weakness for the most mouth-watering flavors.

Pistacchio - “The best pistachio gelato you’ll ever taste” wrote Carlo Petrini, founder of
the Slow Food movement, when he tried it for the first time. Using pistachios of different
strains and stages of maturity from the Middle East, the noble land of the antique fruit,
GROM was able to arrive at a balanced Piastacchio flavor with varying textures of
crunch and velvet. The Pistacchios used were the Perfect Green and Mawardi strains –
the first characterized by its resinous and balsamic flavours and the second by its leather
and tobacco aromas.

Stracciatella - Simple yet ingenious and one of the most traditional Italian gelato flavours
with Fiordilatte and chocolate chips. To ensure a pleasant, tactile sensation of crunchy
Ecuadorian chocolate, chopped chocolate is filtered through a large-mesh sieve in order
to get only the largest pieces (6mm diameter).

Cioccolato - Put one of the best varieties of chocolate in the world together with fresh
milk and white cane sugar and you get a full and lasting chocolate sensation. With

Ecuadorian chocolate grown in Arriba Mocache, the ingredient’s floral aroma and notes
of dried fruit will enchant connoisseurs with its uniquely superior cacao quality.

GROM is available in four flavors - Crema di GROM, Cioccolato, Stracciatella, and Pistacchio -
in 460mL pints for Php495.00 SRP in select groceries and supermarkets nationwide. For more
information, visit the GROM Philippines Facebook page and Instagram 

What is your favorite GROM Gelato Flavor?

Mine is Pistacchio and Stracciatella!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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