Thursday, March 19, 2020

My Zoey Ring

I have always been a simple girl when it comes to fashion and accessories.  I don't wear layers of jewelries but instead, I look for key pieces that would work with any outfit! 

I recently discovered Zoey Philippines, they offer unique jewelry designs from Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings and necklaces.  I browsed upon their website and found a really nice ring that I would like to add to my collection.

Can you spot it?

Php5,990.00 (on sale Php4,490.00)
This particular design brings with it a strong element of opulence; the titanium ring is almost completely ornamented with shining Swarovski crystals all along the ring's body, with an even more astonishing centerpiece to top off this remarkable masterwork.

Now here's the tricky part, how to pick the right ring size online?  Thankfully, the website offer printable ring size sheet and all you have to do is to print it out and match it with the current ring you own.  I found out I'm a size "6" and thankfully, the size is available for the said design.

It was shipped pretty fast and the courier was strict enough to ask for my ID and I'm lucky I was home that day!

Now looking at the ring, I would say the price is indeed worth it!  The cut of the Swarovski Crystal looks like real diamond and I love how crystal clear they are! 

I personally feel these rings aren't just for those who are to wed but for anyone who loves to own key and unique pieces to work with any occasion/outfit!

Don't blame me, I am scrolling on their website again and wanted other pieces as well! 

How do you like my ring?

To shop, visit , follow them on Instagram for some inspirations.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Good Day Ma'am,

    Is this blog still active just have some questions about Zoey? legit po ba sila and yung shipping po ba is matagal? sana po masagot.

    1. I responded to you on FB na and yes this is still active as you an see the dates of my last posts :)

  2. Hello Mam, I have a question po regarding sa Zoey. Paano po sila maccontact at legit po ba yung mga jewelry nila?

    1. You may message them sa contact service. What do you mean legit? REAL DIAMONDS?
      With the price, no of course, they are described naman either silver or they will describe what the quality is but NOT real diamonds.


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