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BCL Philippines - MomoPuri and Saborino Review


2 skincare brands were launch a couple of weeks ago and I attended their FB Live launch session.  Seeing all the buzz from fellow Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers and with BCL Japan answering all our queries, I knew these are skincare products worth checking out.

WORTH CHECKING OUT because I immediately used these after the launch (which I usually don't because I really line up my skincare reviews.)  For some reason, these took my interest maybe because of the cute packaging, the scent, or the fact that these are no-drama type of skincare....these are created for girls who don't have the luxury of time which points to --- ME!

BCL Philippines - Momo Puri and Saborino Review

Let's start with Momopuri, Momopuri skincare line with Peach Ceramides and Lactobacillus, these products are inspired by peaches as you can see in their packaging and if you can take a sniff on their scent!  I am not a fan of peach scented anything but I am somewhat addicted to these!  

All the products are made to help women achieve healthy, plump and bouncy skin!  

BCL Philippines - Momo Puri and Saborino Review

  • Momopuri Moist Cleansing Face Wash (Php525.00) - this facial wash I immediately used even before the launch.  I love how it lathers up into a thick foam consistency and it applies unto my skin so smoothly making it easy to massage.  I use this together with bath because I have more time to massage the product from face down to the back of the ears and neck.  The effect of using this product isn't as obvious as of the moment but what I noticed is how I originally thought this would give me an oily film after wash but it actually washes off all dirt and oil without leaving the skin dry or dull.  For this face wash, I can safely say, this will work for ALL skin types.
  • Momopuri Moisture Lotion (Php625.00) - this I call a toner and somewhat an essence in one.  It has that consistency that can be applied by using cotton pad or even straight to your hands with a patting motion on your face.  If my skin is dehydrated, I would use this as an essence and apply more than usual.  I love how it refreshes my skin and gives instant plumping effect (all thanks to hyaluronic acid!)
  • Momopuri Moist Gel Cream (Php825.00) - my super fave out of the bunch.  I love them all, don't get me wrong, but this I can't seem to stop using ever since I received it.  Though I honestly have to stop for this week because I am reviewing a new product line, I can't help but get back to this once in a while because I am craving for the scent, the texture and how bouncy my face felt after every use.  It applies like a dream (gel), and it gives a cool feel.  The gel stays on the skin's surface for good 15-20 minutes (yes, that long) so I like using this as a night cream.  It felt like a mask and the best part?  You'll wake up without any remnants of product on your face but instant smooth, plump skin.  Seriously, I can actually wash my face with a facial wash in the morning and my skin still felt hydrated all thoughout the day!
Together with the launch comes Saborino Face Masks.  These are unique face masks not because they cone in packs of 28or 32 but they are actually meant to be used for only 60 seconds!  And that's not all!  You can skip the 5-7 steps skincare routine and use only this for 60-seconds and doze off to dreamland!

I did not believe it myself until I used both day and night packs for 2 weeks and so far, my skin didn't go berserk from lack of hydration (this usually happens when I'm lazy to do skincare!) 

BCL Philippines - Momo Puri and Saborino Review

  • Saborino Morning Facial Mask Sheet (Php895.00) - If you ask me between the day and night variant, I would go for the latter because of the scent and feel.  The Morning sheet still contains moisturizing ingredients but less heavy on skin because in the morning, girls usually follow up with makeup routine and we don't like anything heavy.  Upon use, you can feel a slight minty feel waking up the rest of your senses.  Upon removal of sheet, the product gets easily absorbed in no time.
  • Saborino Good Night Facial Mask Sheet (Php895.00) -  my favorite!  I actually tried using this alone at night and honestly speaking, the feel and sensation is so good I always prolong it to 2-5 minutes.  My skin was immediately hydrated and it has a relaxing scent to it making me doze off for sleep earlier than usual.
Both mask sheets aren't as drenched as the regular mask sheets we purchase that are meant to use for 15-20 minutes.  I honestly don't know how skin can immedately absorb all the ingredients for 60 seconds but knowing Japanese technology and constant research - plus looking at how it gives a positive effect on my own skin - I do believe there are skincare for lazy or busy women indeed!

Have you tried any of the 2 brands mentioned?
Which product caught your attention the most?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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