Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hairstyle Tutorial: Colorful Ponytail


Ahhh Remember my Scarf Bun tutorial?  I got positive messages about that tutorial and I’ve decided to share many other ways we can elevate our “bun” or “ponytail” since that is the hairstyle of choice whenever I go out!  With face mask and face shield, I’d rather keep my hair out of my face!  

Here’s a very simple probably a lot of you know this trick already but sharing anyways.  

A braid ponytail with colorful scarf!  You can use a colorful handkerchief if you don’t have a scarf!  

I also chose a colorful rubber band to complement it with my scarf!

I know videos are easier to follow through, here’s a quick one I posted on my Instagram page!

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