Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Orange You Glad You....


... you met me?

Well I am glad to have everyone here on AskMeWhats.com.  Through the years, there are so many ups and downs happening in my life and you can read them all here!  Mostly product reviews but I insert some personal matters once in a while and I thank YOU for being here.  

Who would’ve thought I started Blogging at the age of 27 and I am now 42 years old?

From a single girl to engaged, married and turning into a mom!  Wow, whoevere gets to read this years after, I hope you know that this Blog made me so happy!  This blog helped me through so many challenges in life and I hope you understand that having problems are normal, it is how we handle our problems matter!

So I felt like a teacher weraing this Orange long dress which I bought in Hong Kong and nevere got to wear this because I have been saving this for a nice occasion!  All thanks (or no thanks) to Corona Virus —- only my husband and son can see me wearing this pricey dress!  So a little bit of ROI - showcasing it here on my blog for more people to see! Hahahah

Have you tried wearing bright colored dresses like this?  
I usually wear bright colored dresses in shorter format - rompers or probably short skirted dresses!  This is a first and I am actually loving it!

How do you feel about my not-so-Nikki OOTD today?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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