Friday, August 13, 2021

Vaccination OOTD


At this point of writing, I am happy to announce that —- I AM FULLY VACCINATED!

I am so elated to finally get vaccinated!  I was waiting for this moment for too long!

When I posted my happiest moment photo on my Instagram account, I got positive response on my OOTD (Outfit of the day).  Truth be told, I did not really prepare an outfit for vaccination - LOL, I only made sure to wear clothing that will make me feel comfortable at the same time, fuzz-free for injection and safe enough to have myself at least covered.  (That explains the mask and shield even on photos!)

I know, OOTDs should not be a thing when it comes to pandemic but it feels good to at least look good even if you only get to go out once a month or so!  

Firstly, I usually wear sleeveless top for injection but I chose a short-sleeved white tee with sleeves still easy to pull up.  I honestly wanted to wear an extra cover-up but it was too hot that day!  

As for the pants, I opt for a soft, cotton jogger pants!  This is a drawstring-type and easy for me to move around without having to expose any part of my legs!  I mean, call me paranoid but I try not to have any skin to object contactt when I’m outside!  

Shoes for me is the most importat.  We all know different shoes have different purposes, it is important to ensure that the pair you end up with is a perfect fit so even if you are standing for a long time for your vaccination turn or continue with the errands (since you’re already outside), make your feet comfortable and free from cramps, blisters, chafing and a lot more!  In this post, I am wearing my comfortable Skechers pair but since I saw that a lot of my readers are from different countries like Australia (my top readers as of the moment), feel free to check out any of the many  Asics Stores in Australia, they will be able to help you do an assessment of your feet and help you to make an informed decision about your upcoming purchase. Nothing stops you from taking on this journey on your own, but if you do, make sure to arm yourself with as much upfront knowledge as you possibly can, to ensure that you do not compromise on comfort, protection levels, or performance.

Now on to my bag!  I went for my new Rory & Sloan Croft 2.0 Goji bag because it fits EVERYTHING!  From my mobile phone, keys, huge wallet, alcohol, wipes, and extra masks!  Would you everything only took half of the bag space?  

The color made me happy as well and this is a limited edition bag by the way!

How do you find my Vaccination OOTD?

Do you have other tips on what to wear when we go out on our current situation? 


 Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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