Monday, September 6, 2021

Anessa Perfect UV Gold Milk Sunscreen review


Yes, even when you are just staying at home.  

I usually work right next by the window and I’ve noticed the uneven tone of my face so I’ve decided to wear my sunscreen once again and chuck the expired ones!  

Yes, ever since the lockdown, I just left my favorite skincare product at the table to expire!  Sadly, there were a lot of my favorites but the pandemic lost my will to wear sunscreen!  

Now that I am back on my usual busy life —- yes, even busier now because I do more cooking and household chores, I have been wearing my new favorite sunscreen to date —- Anessa .

Imagine, being Japan’s number 1 sunscreen for 20 years says a lot!  And after using this for a while, I understood perfectly why!

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Gold Milk
Available HERE

For someone who has normal/dry skin at times, I like how this product (actually meant for oily skin as well) can actually adapt to your skin condition in a way I find this hydrating on some dry patches and mattify areas that tend to oil up!  But don’t mark my words for it, it does not MATTIFY in a sense like those really matte sunblock that has a powder finish, the finish of Anessa Perfect UV Gold Milk Sunscreen is hydrating and has a brightening glow.  

To those who don’t know, this is also part of the Shiseido umbrella, meaning, the brand is a bit more affordable yet you have the same Shiseido promise of quality skincare products.

The product goes out watery and easy to apply.  It has SPF50+ and PA++++ (4 pluses!) thus gives ample protection plus it is waterproof. 

How hard it is to remove by the end of the day?  Not as hard as I imagine.  I can easily wash this off with my usual cleansing —- cleansing oil and facial wash!  

The additional pro that I can say is how this works so well as a makeup primer.  Upon application, my skin smoothens and glows like a brightening primer so I ended up skipping the priming step!  

Anessa Perfect UV Gold. Milk has a slight fragrance which goes off 15 minutes after application.  I do have sensitive skin and so far, no skin irritations occur while using this sunscreen!

Do I recommend this product?  YES!  I have been recommending this a lot of my online students who attended basic skincare and makeup training with me!  

Please check out my short video on how I massage my face while applying sunscreen!  It helps!  

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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