Thursday, September 9, 2021

Casual OOTD + Cathy Kathy Mist Power Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer


Hi AMW Friends!

Ahhhh been wearing nice cothes lately with meetings and workshops and online events!  Here’s another take of a casual OOTD with my “Korean Shorts” as how I call it - don’t mark my words, I just like to call it Korean Shorts because I have been seeing a lot of my favorite Korean Influencers wearing such shorts!  Not too sort and not too long!  Just right for moms-on-the-go or girls on-the-go in general!  

Perfect outfit for us who need to look good for sudden meetings online and you don’t have to worry about attendees seeing your “home shorts” or pajamas when you stand up!  I like wearing these types of shorts all throughout the day!

And adding up to a new discovery!  A hand sanitizer that is non-drying and comes with variou Colors!

Cathy Kathy Mist Power Hand Sanitizer
Php150.00 each

See how cute they are?  You can even refill these!

Choose from your choice of Floral, Fruity or Mild scent!

I like them all!  So I just base the color of my bottle and outfit!  Hahaha 

Who says you can’t be fashionable with handsan?

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Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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