Sunday, January 9, 2022

Yayoi Philippines Online Food Delivery Review


Since COVID-19 broke, I have been cooking nonstop.  For both my family and my in-laws who live close by.  Cooking for 2 families is stressful - no matter how much you love to cook.  There are days you call the “Cookerist’ BLOCK”  - I invented that…but I am sure anyone in charge of the kitchen can relate.  Especially if you have picky eaters in the house.

Every weekend, we try to do online restaurant delivery for me to “refresh” my state of mind LOL.  Thankfully, there are more options to choose from and I am so happy to include this restaurant on rotation!  YAYOI Philippines - hailed as the no. 1 teishoku restaurant worldwide!  The restaurant is located in Megamall, Mall of Asia, BGC, Salcedo Makati, North EDSA QC, Eastwood QC and UP Town Center QC.  

No wonder the restaurant is still thriving amidst pandemic because they really serve good quality dishes.

I have to add that I love how they pack and have everything labeled clearly!  Even instructions!

Here are some of the dishes I tried!

Classic Starters Sushi Box

Signature Rolls Sushi Box

Chicken Namban

This comes with yummy mayo-dressing

Ginger Pork Shogayaki

Teriyaki Chicken

Ramen Kit 

Sukiyaki Kit 

I can’t believe how delicious their dishes are and my favorite is their Sukiyaki Kit.  It is packed with noodles, beef, mushrooms and a lot of veggies! So worth it!  

I call this Kitchen-table, I did not even felt the “delivery time” in these dishes!  All fresh, delicious and affordable!

For more information Follow YAYOI on Instagram and order here —->

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