Friday, January 14, 2022

Make Up For Ever Water Blend vs. Water Tone


Make Up For Ever’s Water Blend foundation is the ONLY foundation I use whenever I do underwater shoots.  I depend on it so much I am so scared to finish a bottle so I always have backups in 3 shades (for mixing). 

After years, Make Up For Ever released a new tint called WaterTone Skin Perfecting Fresh Foundation.

NOTE: Water Tone does not replace Water Blend but I find the texture and consistency to be similary thus doing a side by side review for those who own the Water Blend.

Make Up For Ever Eater Blend vs. Water Tone

Make Up For Ever Watertone Foundation says —-

Watertone foundation instantly enhances your skin for a natural fresh finish.

Its good for skin formula offers no transfer properties and a 24h hydration.

Watertone offers a buildable light to medium coverage for a natural glow.
The water-fresh formula of our foundation brings hydration* and radiance** during 24h with all day comfort and imperfections appearance minimized.

Your skin stays hydrated and clean, it lets your skin breathe with a fresh radiance effect!
Its respectful formula is elaborated with 94% natural origin ingredients***, 78% water based and contains no animal derived ingredients.

Watertone foundation is for normal to oily skins and suits sensitive skins. It suits to every skin tones : light skin, medium skin, tan skin and deep skin. Its 12 shades blend harmoniously with the skin to create the perfect natural , tone to tone finish.
Its texture is light and fresh for a natural and flawless looking finish. Whether it is applied with fingers or with our dedicated tools, achieve a perfect application for a natural fresh finish is easy!
Watertone is the perfect foundation which lasts all day long, no transfer garanted : mask-proof, humidity-proof, sweat-proof and water-proof.

With the given situation, I haven’t tried this new foundation underwater but I did the water test (face washing).  I’ll tell more about my review as you read further down.  But here’s a swatch on both Water Blend and Water Tone.

As you can see, Water Blend is more “watery” while Water Tone has thicker consistency.  Still water-like in terms of application and blendabilility.  Both are easy to work with.

Make Up For Ever Eater Blend vs. Water Tone

Water Blend has less coverage as you can see, the foundation almost disappears on the left side while the Water Tone side has thicker coverage.

Make Up For Ever Eater Blend vs. Water Tone

That said, I can use less amount of Water Tone compared to Water Blend to cover some light spots and imperfections.

Make Up For Ever Eater Blend vs. Water Tone

Half Face Test

Make Up For Ever Eater Blend vs. Water Tone

I’ve done a quick video for you to see the difference on my IG page.

 Water Blend Y225 

Water Tone Y245 

Make Up For Ever also released a new sponge that goes with Water Tone which I find to be really soft, fluffy and super nice to use.

After testing the Water Tone for more than a month, here’s what I have to say —-
  • Bottle is glass so very nice to use.
  • Comes with pump.
  • No Fragrance.  
  • Coverage is light to medium.  Buildable.
  • Comes with a lot of shade choices.
  • Is Water-resistant but not waterproof. 
  • Works for all skin types.
  • Natural-effect.  Blurs imperfections.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Effect is very natural.  Stays the whole day for me with minimal movement.
Is it worth investing on this?
I seriously love Make Up For Ever Ultra HD but for daily use, I like to use the Water Tone for a change.

Priced locally at Php2,400 available online at Lazada.

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  1. I used to use the MUFE Face & Body in my kit, and was devastated when they discontinued it and replaced it with the Waterblend. I know they advertised it as being the same, but I didn’t find it to be anywhere near as good.
    I’ve gotten used to the Water Blend, only to find they have discontinued it again, and I am almost at the last of my stash. I use it in my kit all the time for film and TV work, and find it great for evening out the skin tones and use it in male grooming a lot. The watertone looks like it is a lot thicker? How comparable would you say it is?

    1. You know what? Both Face and Body of MUFE is totally different from WaterTone. I just compared it based from it's coverage and texture. they are quite similar in that department but Water Tone is In NO WAY the newer version of Water Blend. I am not sure why they discontinued Water Blend but so far, I haven't found any replacement for it. Water Tone is more of a daily foundation - light in texture yet has more coverage as compared to Water blend.

    2. Thanks for that, I appreciate it! I have no idea why they discontinued the Face and Body, OR the Water Blend (especially so soon after it ‘replaced’ the face and body. So frustrating. Honestly I feel like I should try to find a replacement in a different brand, because I don’t trust them not to do it again. There really was nothing else like it 😩

    3. Don't quote me but maybe not enough sales since there are only a few who would do underwater shoot or anything that needs waterproof. And a lot of makeup brands can offer that nowadays. I get you though as I totally trust Water Blend, I did an underwater shoot for it though I had to do so many layers for coverage but it STAYED!!!! Nice to meet you by the way


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