Thursday, March 24, 2022

MomStyle: Black or White?


I can’t count the number of black, and white outfit I have inside my dresser!  I love clothes by the way!  As a Beauty Blogger, you would think I only collect skincare products and makeup products.  Well, this woman has a lot of likes *ahem*  I honestly love clothes and I have good imagination because I have been shopping online for clothes for YEARS!  And can you believe when I say it’s 0.1% returns?  

I almost never get to return the clothes I bought because they, most of the time, fits, and works for me!  I have this mala-computer brain and I can immediately imagine the clothes worn by me!  Do you have that same talent?

Yes, I call that talent!  Thank you Lord!  :P

These 2 dresses are old dresses I bought via Zalora #NOTsponsored .  I’ve worn both of these on special occasions, the black one during one of my important makeup workshop in a hotel while the white one was during a Cathy Doll anniversary held in Bangkok Thailand.  That dress met Mario Maurer by the way!  *winks* 

This dress is surprisingly very comfortable to wear!  I think that year, the irregular-shaped and overlapping skirt is a thing!  I saw Jennifer Lopez wore a similar dress and I am NOT saying she got inspired by me!  LOL  But it is so good to think so! Hahaha Bear with me!

This lacey black LBD dress is such a comfortable dress to wear!  It is simple yet classy.  I like the A-line skirt giving me the waist I never had!  :P

By the way, this transition - nobody asked for!  But I enjoyed doing this,  it is not professional yet I poured my heart into this!  Enjoy! 

Time to vote!  Are you team Black or White?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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