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My Skin1004 Favorites!

I review and test skincare and makeup products both for Blogs and social media for quite a while now.  A lot of people do not know, I test products professionally too!  I've worked with several brands locally who plan to bring in skincare or makeup products to our country.  Before doing so, these tester products were sent my way for testing with multiple pages of questions.  That said, I do have this really sharp sense of love and dedication in testing products!  

When I was given the chance to try on a new Korean Skincare brand that I haven't tried in the past.  I jumped to the chance immediately and tested it for almost a month!  And this particular brand isn't hard to review because I ended up liking it so much I am still using it even after review.

On the spotlight for today is SKIN1004.

My Skin1004 Favorites!. SKIN1004 Madecera Centella Review

As always, I always do research before I accepting products to review.  The brand is known in Korea as an award-winning hypoallergenic & natural skincare brand.  They use main ingredient like CENTELLA ASIATICA which I have tried in the past and it worked so well for me so I immediately jumped to testing the whole Madagascar Centella range which is known to be the perfect line for sensitive skin.

Not everyone, of course, can pick up a whole line immediately like I did so I will share my top Skin1004 favorites!  I want to say ALL but I have to pick my top 3!

MUST TRY SKIN1004 Product #1


I mostly use serums instead of ampoule because for the obvious fact that most ampoules I have tried have "thicker" consistency as compared to serum.  This type of texture won't go well with our hot and humid climate.  As soon as I tried Madagascar Centella Ampoule, I was a convert! because it has the lightest texture I have tried in an ampoule.

It is light, watery, non-sticky and works so well on all skin types!

My Skin1004 Favorites!. SKIN1004 Madecera Centella Review

How to use?

I like to use this after cleansing and toning.  I squirt once or twice for the whole face and gently tap on my face and neck.  The product can immediately calm skin redness from my usual double/triple cleansing (My skin is very sensitive so it usually turns red after cleansing.).  After applying this ampoule, I can immediately see how my skin is calmer and has lesser red spots.  I also noticed how noticeably brighter and more hydrated my skin gets!  Best of all, there's none of the greasy, sticky-feel!

Left side of photo is DURING APPLICATION -
 the camera didn't catch the product as it gets absorbed on skin instantly. 
Right side of photo is a few minutes after application of the Ampoule.

MUST TRY SKIN1004 Product #2


A product that I MUST mention and mostly recommended to friends nowadays who are looking for moisturizer.  The Madagascar Centella Soothing cream lives up to its' name -- SOOTHING.

I like to use this immediately after AMPOULE and this product sets the skincare routine to a halt ---- you can immediately relax after feeling the smooth, lightweight, gel-like texture.  It has a cooling sensation at some point if you apply it in an air-conditioned room.  

The product is also known as a barrier cream and I understood why.  It seals the toner, ampoule used before the soothing cream and it protects the face throughout the day (or night) and you will see your skin boosting with hydration through the day, and you'll wake up with brighter looking skin in the morning when you use it at night!

I am so in love with this product.  Best of all, the Madagascar Centella Line are all fragrance-free so I don't mind piling on their whole line of product on my face without feeling a bit dizzy!

I highly recommend this product to all skin types and it is a product I would highly use for instant glowing skin effect.

My Skin1004 Favorites!. SKIN1004 Madecera Centella Review

L-R Application photo.  I use that much amount for one side of the face.
Middle photo shows how the product looks after massaging.
Right photo shows half face result of newly applied Soothing Cream and barefaced on the other side. 
Can you see the difference?

MUST TRY SKIN1004 Product #3


As much as I like multi-tasking products, I still like to wear a separate sunscreen before going out of the house.  The Philippines is close to the equator so can you imagine how harsh the UV rays of the sun could be?

I was grateful I was able to try Skin1004 sunscreen, I've tried both from the Madagascar Centella line and Hyalu-Cica line.  I loved both but I chose the latterr for this reason.

This sunscreen is very lightweight - it applies as a glowing cream but disappears in an instant melting into your skin like you applied water!  Best of all, it hydrates the skin throughout the day leaving a nice layer of "moisture".  I like to use this as a makeup base too because of the nice healthy glow.

Thankful they created SPF50+ (not lower) because I never use lower sunscreen numbers nowadays!  And here's the best part why I am highly recommending this sunscreen ---

Aside from Sun Protection against UVA/UVB, the Hyalu-Cica Sunscreen also helps in wrinkle reduction and gives brightened skin throughout the day.  Certified on these 3 functions because I've seen it worked!

Lastly, this sunscreen is lightweight and easy-to-apply enough to be reapplied anytime of the day without moving your makeup!  NONE of the sunscreen WHITE CAST TOO!  YAY!

My Skin1004 Favorites!. SKIN1004 Madecera Centella Review

Texture is that of a gel/cream.  Blends easily on skin without white cast.

Like I said, I am overly impressed with this brand I am looking forward to try their other line of products!  Kudos to how they creative their simple yet very function-forward packaging.  Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and most of all --- all their products live up to their brand objective and consumer requirements.

Their price points are really inexpensive for the quality of product you get per tube/bottle.  They are not twisting my arm to say this - my skin has really improved for the span of 2-3 weeks of usage!  I AM SERIOUS when I say I've seen results so quick by using this line of products.

Skin before (L) and after (R) Skin1004 products usage.

My Skin1004 Favorites!. SKIN1004 Madecera Centella Review

I will not gatekeep this and share to everyone that this brand is worth to try!  
Available locally at Shopee and Lazada!

For more product information and other offers, visit

Which among the products mentioned would you like to try the most?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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