Thursday, April 18, 2024

Fashion: All White with a touch of Hot Pink

 I remember seeing my mom in her 40's in pants ALL her life until the time of writing.  She is very conscious of her varicose veins and I wished she would wear more shorts and skirts because she has gorgeous legs!  Perfectly shapes, very flawless --- my sister and I would always tell her that she's got the best pair of legs among us - screw varicose veins but I cannot force my super conservative mom.

Growing up with that in mind, I have told myself I'd wear more shorts, skirts and expose my legs as much as I can before I end up having varicose veins!  I do have some on my feet but who cares right?  I am so grateful to be born in this era where Self-Love and Confidence is the best form of love for oneself.

That is such a long intro for just an outfit post *laughs*  I hope you accept my apology but #sorrynotsorry here :P  I randomly picked this outfit on a cooler weather when me and my husband headed out for a lunch date.  I wanted something comfortable and to protect myself when I tend to get cold inside an air-conditioned restaurant or mall and an outfit where I can easily remove my outer sweater when it gets hot.

Welcome to the Philippines - where our weather has an attitude! 

Shorts: Love Bonito
Pink Top: Shopee
White knit sweather: Lazada
Bag: Coccinele available via Zalora 

It is very important to invest on cute belts as it can create that old money vibe!  
Mas posh di ba? 
White belt from Shopee

How do you like this look?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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