Monday, December 14, 2009

I Wonder: "What's Your HG that's not HG Anymore?"

"Some good things never last"... as Barbra Streisand sang true, but of course, I'm not talking about love but I'm talking about BRUSHES!  I bought my Smashbox Beyond Beauty Encounter Brush set January of last year and I enjoyed no. 28 the most!  It has been hailed my HG (Holy Grail) eyeliner brush for almost a year! 

I've even done a comparison between the Coastal Scents White Angled Liner brush and this favorite brush of mine!  I should have knocked on hard wood 3 times! 

I've took care of this and you girls know how much I take care of my stuffs, but flyaway has gotten the best of my Smashbox no. 28 brush and I can't seem to use this to create a perfect line! 

Sadness, but it's ok, I use this to smudge my eyeliner then!  Still a great tool, it has done its purpose in life, to serve me for a year...almost! 

Now it's your turn,
"What's Your HG that's not HG anymore?"
Take a look around, I'm sure you can share some and make me feel better!
Now time to look for the next HG eyeliner! 

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Happy start of the week!


  1. Ah, I hate expensive brushes that doesn't last...

    Stila smudge pot in jade used to be my favorite eyeliner but now it's dry and replaced by NARS eyeshadow in fuji.

  2. I hate when that happens! I've been using the foundation brush from a Kirkland brush set I got awhile ago and it was so soft and super awesome! But now it's getting prickly :(

  3. awwwww i guess its time it gives way for new baby right?

  4. Sis, I've got a designer foundation that I've been ranting in the past (not going to name it as I don't want to get done for slandering), however, since discovering the wonder of Bare Escentual mineral make up... I'm telling you... I've about ready to bin my designer foundations hahahahaha! xxx

  5. Ooh at least you did get some wear out of it :) But such a good question!! Hmm for me I used to LOVE Max Factor black kohl eyeliner pencil but it was always a bit pricey- it's now been replaced by an aussie brand Harlotte black smudge eyeliner pencil- much easier to use and cheaper too!!!

  6. aww sayang naman coz it's expensive. i had a lemming for this set before but it died.

  7. I used to adore Dior Addict High Shine lipsticks, but now that I've found the Laura Mercier stickglosses they've fallen by the wayside. I remember being so impressed with the Diors and the MAC cremesheens and now I never wear them anymore!

  8. Hmm...I am a pretty low-maintenance girl when it comes to make up. Most of my stash are just drugstore brands. I am quite choosy with lip products though. For now, I just use either Mary Kay, Nars and Revlon lipsticks as they don't make my lips dry. I don't know when I'll discover another brand to add to that list. :)
    - Kaith

  9. Yikes! I'm sure you'll miss the perfect line it does. :P

    MAC studio fix was my hg that isn't hg anymore. :)

  10. Citrine, I know what you mean, i bought this set thinking this would last me long, well I guess I'm wrong :)

    e.motion in motion, oh no on prickly brushes! I hate it when that happens! thanks for sharing

    Xin, I know! will be searching for another one :)

    Gracie,I know! There are cheaper alternative that works just as well!

  11. Sarah, well it has been almost a year, so I guess it's ok right?

    Crystal, ahhh yes, they still have it at the Beauty Bar I guess? Glad your lemming is gone!

    Catherine, I've always thought Dior Glosses are still the best, thanks for sharing!

    Kaith, I know what you mean, when it comes to mascara, there are always drugstore brands that works just as good as the high end ones :)

  12. My HG used to be Olay. Nothing used to work for me and then I used Olay when I turned 30 and it was magic! But now, Olay doesn't work anymore!!! I dunno if they changed the formulation or my skin has changed (I am 33 now) so I am again looking for a new moisturizer. Sadness!

  13. Frances, Lucky you Olay worked for you, it never worked for me :) But you're right, either they changed formulation or we aged :) Thanks for the comment sweetie


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