Friday, December 31, 2010

AMW 2010 Memories + Happy New Year!!!

Dear AMW Readers:
2010 started off with a bang!  I remembered sharing to everyone how challenging 2009 was for me, a lot of you wished me for a better 2010 and I want to thank everyone because the well-wishes sent my way did came true!  My 2010 has been like a roller coaster, just like every other years, but just like Mr. AMW wrote on his Christmas Letter to me...

"You've worked so hard for the year 2010 and you deserve all the blessings..."

Yes, I worked extra hard for the year 2010 and what inspires me to move on are my families, friends and of course..Mr. AMW himself!  Here's a quick flashback on how God is so good for giving me such a wonderful year!

Series of Dollface Makeup Workshops
Thanks Pearl of Dollface Cosmetics for entrusting to me her loyal clients, and thanks to all my students for signing up and for being such a wonderful students!

My First Fashion Styling Challenge
As you all know, AskMeWhats has always been a beauty blog rather than a fashion blog!  That's why when I got an invite from our dear friends from Stratworks to join a fashion styling contest for Promod, I was game!  The game sounds even better when I can bring one "fashionista" friend to help me with the styling challenge!  It was a day filled with fun and laughter!

I want to congratulate my dearest friends Shen and Tara for winning the challenge!  They did great and I am so glad to share this experience with dear friends!

First getaway with Bloggers
It was a whole day event for bloggers to experience the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock.  It was a full day of food, fun activities and of course learning about skin protection against the harmful rays of the sun!

A Road Trip of a Lifetime!

When I got an invite to take part on a Road Trip of a Lifetime, I thought it was just like regular trips I have encountered in the past, but I was wrong!  It was one experience that gave me a huge impact for the year 2010!  Aside from learning how beautiful our country is, I got to dig deeper on our culture at the same time, get to know a lot of people from different background!  They have all became my friends and I have to thank Vaseline for picking me as part of this activity!   

It was also a first for me to be part of Vaseline TV Commercials, and it was also a first to see my face on huge local magazines with fellow bloggers Hannah and Ada!

A summary of our Roadtrip in a video plus behind-the-scenes! :)

My Dream Travel Came True

I've always been stalking YouTube videos on Seoul food, read Seoul Travel Blogs and of course, stalk on Korean Cosmetics!  I've always knew I'll be setting food on Seoul someday but I did not expect it to happen so fast!  My wish to see Seoul in real life, not only in Korean series came true!  I also had a great time live reporting on my whereabouts because of the wonderful hotel I've stayed with free internet access!  Now shall I wish for a next Dream Travel?  (Hint: Another Land of cuteness still!)

Me, being a piggy, paid off!
I must have done something right, or shall I say, I must have eaten so much and it turn out to be quite obvious that I'm not only into anything fashionable or beautiful, but I'm also into EATING!  Weekend Food Tripping after the other, I was quite lucky to be chosen as one of the blogger to give Manila's Signature Dishes a try!  It was a fun experience to food trip on several restaurants around the Metro, try different dishes I seldom order on my mind!  Thanks to Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), the restaurants part of UFS, Nuffnang and to the food bloggers I've got to meet and dine with...I ended a year not only with a bang but 5 pounds heavier!  The statement, by the way is not a complaint, the food are all worth it! 

First Time Judging for Fashionably Fun Award
I am not a Simon Cowell But Simon never judged for Crissa, I did! *conceited mode, lol*  It was fun, it was intense, but I got to show my "eye for fashion" in this event!  Thanks Crissa for believing in me!

(thanks to Tin Iglesias and her Mom for the photo)

I am not into awards and I don't even think of being nominated of anything!  Well, I did wished for "Best Daughter" award but of course, my mom will give it to me without doubt and I'll share it to my sister anyways so it loses the point of competition!  *laughs*  
I have to be honest, I felt really good and happy that my blog got nominated this year!  Thank you, thank you, and did I say thank you? 

AMW Goes International?
When I was included in a US website and a magazine from Singapore, it was such a huge compliment and achievement on my part and I wasn't asking for anything more....

Thanks Renee of Beautyfool for the magazine scan and for feature AMW!  I actually got the hardcopy of this magazine, I want to thank Pam and her brother for purchasing this magazine for me!

Recently, my nail art caught another magazine's attention, and it was from India, this year has been a great year not only for me but also for my nails!!! 

2010 Makeup Clients
They are the reason why prettifying people is my profession, they put their full trust in me to beautify them on their special day or whatever special occasion they are going to attend!  These are the wonderful clients who gave not only their trust but friendship!  Thank you dear AMW clients! 
(Note from author: Sorry, not everyone is included in this collage)

It has been a wonderful year right?  Of course, I have to admit, it wasn't all roses and sunshine, I've had my fair share of challenges but I opt to share and see the positive side of the year rather than dwell on the negative!  Life is too short to be sad and grumpy!  It takes a huge effort to remain cheerful but hey, if I survived all the hardships, I know you can and you will too! 

If you are currently suffering from personal problems and stress, just look at ME as an example, I went through HELL and I am a SURVIVOR!  So you know you can too ok?

Out of everything I've written above, the best that happened for the year 2010 is not about money or fame!  The best for AMW for the year 2010?

My mom survived a traumatic experience 
and she is getting better!
A whole lot better!

Thank you 2010 for the life lessons, thank you family for the support, thank you dear friends for the unending love and support and for listening to all my blabbing whether in person or online!  And most of all, thank you Mr. AMW for always love me no matter how crazy I can get!

Thank you AMW Readers for always checking my site and for reading my thoughts!
Happy New Year everyone!
Cheers for a Prosperous and Healthy 2011!!!

What are you thankful for this year?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. What a year it has been! I'm thankful for my husband, family, great friends, a blessed life.

    Have a lovely new year, Nikki!

  2. Happy New Year, Ms. Nikki! Cheers to a better and more beautiful 2011! :)

  3. Sis I'm really glad that AMW mom pulled through all the trauma. Keep the positive attitude coming! 2010 has certainly been a very exciting year for u as I can see that! In 2011 I wanna see a nephew or niece k :p

  4. You deserve all the good things that happened to you. But my fave is your mom's recovery. Nothing can ever compare to that. Happy New Year, Nikki! :P

  5. Thank you for the shoutout! :) But most of all, congrats on such a fantastic year! You have worked so hard for all of these and I am your supporter always! Thank you for being kind and for being the cheerful and kind friend that you are to me and to a lot of people.

    Continue inspiring us with your talent and writing and kindness, Nikki :) Cheers to you, Keith, Mommy AMW (and AMW family!) and to our friendship. Grabe, am so happy talaga to have been your friend :)

    Love ya, Nikki! See you soon! Mwah!

  6. Happy New Year friend! Sister and a great inspiration (one of the few) who inspired me to write my own blog... thank you! may you have a great start this coming 2011... wish you all the best... and hope you will have time to see me na!!! HAAHAHA it's been awhile...

  7. Thank you for being so dedicated to what you do. I may not comment in every post but I do read your blog on a regular basis. Love you Nikki and I hope you have an even more blessed New Year!

  8. Happy New Year Nikki! :) Hope to meet you soon!

  9. Happy new year! I'm glad your mum is getting better and I hope 2011 will be a fantastic year filled with happiness and love for you and your family.

  10. Have a blessed year ahead Nikki!

  11. Happy New Year Nikki! 2010 was such an amazing year for you, good or bad, I just know 2011 is going to be even better. *hugs*

  12. Happy New Year Nikki! =)

    More blessings to come for the year 2010!

  13. Reading your blog has always brought joy. Happy new year! :D

  14. Tine, I'm glad we're both thankful of the same stuffs! Happy New Year sweetie Tine thanks for the gorgeous gift!

    Juana, thanks, same to you dear!

    Xin, yes, and I'm glad to have friends like you and the rest of #evurl gang! To give me the push to stay positive!

  15. Pammy, I agree, that's the best gift, though its not 100% a tiny recovery is better than none right?

    Tara, thanks sweetie, glad to have known you and shared a lot of moments with you 2010!

    Ems, thanks dear, you are so sweet, and you're right, we need to see each other soon!

  16. Becky, I know what you mean, you and I share the same passion too, thanks for commenting dear!

    K, same here, hope to see you around!

    Gio, thank you! I wish for the best 2011 for you and your family too! Thanks for being such a nice blog friend!

  17. Sesame, same to you! Have a great year ahead!

    PB, oh girl! we've been friends for quite some time and my next wish is to meet you all! :) Thanks for being there for me (cyberlly) and for being such a true friend! *hugs*

    May, Happy New Year to you too

    Peewee, hey! thanks for commenting! I wish you more blessings too!

  18. May 2011 be even bigger and better <3


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