Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tip for the Day: Face Sunblock

I can clearly remember those days during summer when I would save up to purchase a bottle of Coppertone 25 (the highest number available back then) for whatever swimming activities planned out!  These days, with the excruciating heat from the sun, SPF25 is not even enough!  Aside from applying sunblock all over the body, I strongly suggest everyone to use face sunblock as well!
"It'll turn me into a grease ball"
"I'll probably breakout!"
"I don't like the heavy feel!"

Whatever your reasons are, well, reason no more!  More and more companies are coming up with GOOD sunblock for the face which I find myself  addicted to it!  I'm glad I've finally incorporated this into my skin care regimen!
Here are just some of the sunblock brands I've used, I am currently using and will be using!  Watch out for in depth reviews as I have only one face and it takes time for me to finish one bottle!  *laughs*

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF 50+ PA+++ 
Php460.00/approx $10.95)
I am currently using this and so far, I am very happy with this!  Injecting this into my skin care is a breeze as it does not have the heavy feel and it gives a matte finish which makes it easy for me to put on make-up!  Does not oil up my skin throughout the day and it doesn't dry my skin out as well!

The Face Shop Natural Intensive Sun Cream SPF 50 PA++
Php495.00 (approx$11.50)
This was my first Sunblock for the face ever!  It didn't fail me!  Finished up a tube of this and definitely worth repurchasing!  Smile and click review HERE.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF50 PA+++
Php1,998 (approx $46.00)
Okay, this is a bit too pricey as compared to other brands mentioned here!  But Shiseido Sun Protection creams has been known for quite some time for its good performance!  The matte finish that you get after application, the protection and the fact that a lot of people feel it doesn't cause allergic reactions to their skin.

If you have money to spare, this is a good sunblock for the face!  I've used this a couple of times but saving the rest up and use the more inexpensive ones on a daily basis!  

Nivea Sun Whitening Immediate Sun Protection  SPF50 PA++
Php379.00-427.00 (approx $8.81-$10.00)
This is an intriguing product for me because this is the first sunblock that promises immediate sun protection!  No more waiting time, just apply and get out to enjoy the sun!  I am really looking forward to test this out and will report back! 

Beach Hut Face SPF65
Php399.00 (approx $9.25)
The highest SPF for the face and it promotes to be really good to very sensitive skin! Also watch out for an in-depth review for this!

What are you using to protect your face from sun spots, aging or wrinkles?
If you are reading this post and you don't apply face sunblock, what are you doing here? 
Get out and buy yourself one! *lol*
Sunblock is really one of the best skincare secret that's not so secret anymore!

Happy weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love Beach Hut Face! Originally got it for Bora but it's great as an everyday sublock too! Price point is very encouraging as well :)

  2. Wow..thanks for the info..and for the prices too:) will definitely buy one these:)

  3. I am currently using The face Shop Natural Intensive Sunscreen but I am also curious about Nivea. I'll wait for your review.

  4. @Denise I know what you mean, most of my sunblock that has really high SPF? I use them on a daily basis! Hehehe

  5. @I Am Ahne Sige, will definitely review it once I use it a lot na! I am focusing on the Neutrogena one for now :)

  6. I love using Mentholatum Clear Water on my arms and ears but forget to apply some on my face that's why my face is nognog na. :P Nice recos on sunblocks. :P

  7. Wow! I'm curious about the Beach Hut one. Hehe. I've been using Hawaiian Tropic's Baby Faces and Tender Places (the pink one) for my face whenever I go out. I wanna try a different brand when I run out! Haha! I'll wait for you review :)

  8. Nivea Sun Whitening Immediate Sun Protection SPF50 really rocks! :) Try it to believe it! hahah

  9. Neutrogena has matte finish? Have u tried on oily skin ppl? How is the oil control?

  10. definitely can't live without suncreen or sunblock these days!!

  11. I used the Nivea one when I tagged along with my BF's family outing... it felt heavy on my face and my bf's sister would stop me from going out because there were white sunblock spots left on my face.. it was super difficult to spread XD

  12. Thanks for the prices! Please have more price post for local or international brand. I really like it that you made it this way.

    I am looking into The Face Shop sunblock since I am just using Pond's UV Blocker, which I think is insufficient as a sunblock.

    Can you also look into that? Thank you!

  13. i love the neutrogena ultra sheer, the original formula [they have a moisturizing formula that broke me out]
    it really is sheer and isn't heavy.
    but since my bb cream is spf45 with pa +++ i skip that narin otherwise i'll break out bec of too much of the sun blocking ingredient ;-)

  14. @Pammy Ahh yeah, I know how you like it :) thanks for liking my recos

  15. @IyaV you know what? My colleague loves her Hawaiian tropic sunblock so I guess it's a good one you're using right now, sige, will review once I'm ok na :)

  16. @Ar-Ar Malalis LOL! Now, that sounds like a commercial! LOL you are so funny

  17. @lavender Don't worry, Mr. AMW who's the king of greaseball is testing it too for me :) Will let you know :)

  18. @Nic Nic Same here, it gets up to 36-37 degrees down here

  19. @Kai Oh my, hiyangan talaga! Have you tried letting it settle down before you go out? I think it has to do with the combination of the product, PLUS sweat and oil! Pero alam mo..I have to test it out na para I can understand what you're saying!

  20. @Aicha Amano Hi sis, glad you appreciate the price I included, as much as possible, I post all the prices of whatever products I'm posting down here, to those few who doesn't have a price, that means, I've researched and asked around and really can't find the price! LOL

    Pond's UV Blocker won't be enough under the crazy heat we have down here. I already used ONE The Face Shop sunblock as discussed above, I will have to give the others a try but not too soon, as you can see, I have so many backups for now :P LOL

  21. @Marge I agree, especially if your skin is sensitive, a few products are enough, kaya nga BB creams are cool because most of them are at least 8-in-1! :)

  22. i'm confused. the neutrogena or the beach hut??? which one is less icky and good for oily skin?

  23. @valeriecabance for you! I will alternate Beach Hut and Neutrogena! :) I started today...we'll see..we'll see :)

  24. i think it's very practical if the sunblock can also serve just as a face foundation. my brand is Diana Stalder SBF-Collagen Cream because it saves me time since it's a 2-in-1. Plus it has moisturizing and skin-firming effects too!

  25. awww... i'm touched! thank you miss nikki! : )will wait for it!


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