Friday, June 10, 2011

Readers' Corner: Q&A from Ask AMW!

Hi AMW Readers!
If you notice, I tweaked my blog a bit, nothing huge but there's a page called Ask AMW located at the upper portion below the banner, a lot of you noticed the additional page and have sent me various queries which made me happy because I'm not called AskMeWhats for nothing right?

Since I find myself answering the same queries over and over again through email, I guess it's time I put back this Q&A portion so everyone can join in!  Think of it as.....a coffee break!  We're talking about the things we love! 

Of course, only valid questions can be posted here, if you ask for my credit card information or ATM pin number, I may send you the answer....only if I go crazy! :P

Are you ready?  I'm excited!  Oh, the questions are copied straight from the reader.  There may be grammatical errors or spelling mistakes but I hope you understand that this space is for us to learn tips, tricks and product information.  Be nice okay?

Ask AMW #1
Hi. I was so glad to hear positive comments about Revlon Colorstay Aqua mineral foundation. I just love the product! I heard about Revlon's PhotoReady and I was wondering which to purchase- compact or make up.

Also what brand of Colorstay lipstick would you recommend?

How can i achieve / how to do a natural look? I have a few blemishes and oily skin. Still I really love to wear make up (looking very natural) everyday at work and in going to malls / church.

Thanks so much!

AMW says 
When you say compact or make-up, are you referring to purchasing the Revlon PhotoReady in Liquid or Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup(You can click both links for past reviews).
**photo taken from Revlon website

Since you stated that you have oily and blemished skin, I suggest you go for the Revlon PhotReady Compact Makeup (cream version) as it has lesser sparkles.  The liquid version has more shimmer which will make you look oilier!

For a natural-looking makeup, apply a thin layer all over your face adding more on areas you need coverage.  With a foundation brush, use the same cream foundation to spot conceal areas like your blemishes!  Always set with an oil-control setting powder or powder foundation. 

Ask AMW #2
I've been wanting to buy a BB cream, but I don't know what brand will look good on me. I would like to purchase one of the Face Shop's BB cream (since it's inexpensive,around 400 ) but I don't know which of which of their BB creams because they have 4 different kinds. Can you help me choose one? Thanks a lot in advance:)

AMW says 

**photo taken from Google Images

When it comes to BB cream, sad to say, no one can dictate which one works for you but you have to try them yourself .

What you can do is to look for the specific requirements your skin needs: Is it brightening? Moisturizing? Oil control?  From there, you can trim down types of BB creams you can try!  If you are living in the Philippines, there are some re-sellers selling BB cream samples at an affordable price!

Ask AMW#3
Hi Nikki!  Can you share to me your Michael Antonio shoes?  I plan to buy and I hope the sale is still there!  Oh, and is it only at Resort's World?  Thanks and more power to your blog!

AMW says 
Oh, you must have read my tweet about the 2 pairs of Michael Antonio shoes I bought 2 weeks ago at the 3rd floor Newport Mall, Resort's World.  They also have brances at 2nd Floor SM Annex North EDSA, 2nd Floor Archeology Section, Powerplant Mall and 3rd Floor Trinoma.  I have to admit, I'm not sure if SALE is still ongoing, you can always call in the branch to check!
The branch at Newport Mall is not that big but I was lucky enough to see the red tag SALE! (Thanks to Mr. AMW for taking this shot while he waits)

I bought 2 pairs of shoes on sale.  Each pair originally costs Php1,120 (approx $26.00) and I bought them for Php699.00 (approx $16.25).  Great deal!

Danielle (Blue Shoes)

Naomi (nude pink shoes)

Ask AMW#4
Dear Nikki,
Super love your blog!  By the way, I have read that you purchase from  Can I know how long did you receive your package?  Are they safe?


AMW says 
**photo taken from

I have been a customer for years!  I do not order from them frequently but when I see good deals or if I need to replenish my make-up kit, I am very confident in ordering from them.

How long will you receive your item?  We can never tell.  Most of the time, Strawberrynet ships order approximately 3-4 days upon receipt of payment.  I tracked the packages before and so far, the package leaves Hong Kong promptly.  I think it's our local customs and postal office that's taking time. 

A quick tip, I have purchased a couple of mascaras from the site and found them to be old or drying, so I steer clear from buying mascaras there!

Ask AMW#5
Hi! My name is *****. I’m 19 years old, currently studying Culinary Arts in Benilde.

I just want to ask you a few questions about HD Makeup Studio and Academy. I’m really, really interested to enroll in a Makeup School. And from all the different schools offering different makeup courses, HD Makeup Studio is by far my first choice. What do I need to have in my Makeup kit when I enroll? Can you please guide me in buying stuff that I need to be able to start my dreams of becoming a make-up artist? J I don’t know what stuff to buy. I want to buy stuff that are appropriate for makeup school but affordable at the same time. And what do I need to know prior to our first class?

Thank you!! Hope to hear from you soon!


AMW says 
I am such a late bloomer, I've been applying make-up on my friends forever but I never thought of doing it professionally!  So kudos to you for realizing your dream as early as 19!

Here's the thing about makeup school, before you start buying products, I suggest you visit the school .  Visiting the school gives you a chance to check out their facilities, see if you have a good "rapport" with the teacher, and you can even get to have trial class!

Things to ask or keep in mind ---
  • What are the classes available?  Do you prefer whole daytime classes or nighttime classes? Maybe, you want them over the weekend?
  • Does the school provide models or do you have to bring your own?  You have to take this into consideration.  It's better to work on different faces than just 1 or 2 faces for the whole curriculum.
  • If the school does not provide models, call your friends and set up a schedule with them.  As much as possible, use different models on EACH lesson.  Working on different faces makes you feel more confident with your skills after you graduate.
  • Does the school invite you for make-up gigs after graduation?  You can ask for the list of events the school have sponsored.
  • Get the list of products needed for you to jump-start make-up learning.  Ask suggestions on which brands to use or what shades to purchase.
  • If you are on a budget, you can share with your classmates products that you know you won't use much!  I remember sharing the DARK COCOA foundation with my classmate because I don't want to spend full price and not use it much!  Purchase good quality containers.
  • Do not pressure yourself into buying just because "your classmates have it", buy because you needed it and you will be using it at least 5 times!  That's my benchmark by the way!
  • Be friendly!  Learning make-up with people who have same interest as you is FUN!
I hope you're not bored with my Q&A portion!  My apologies for cutting this short!  I have more questions left unanswered on my email box!  Give me time and I'll try to answer them as much as I can!  Thanks for the trust!

Have a wonderful Friday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(All answers are 100% my personal opinion.)


  1. This is a very cool idea!

    Question, what's a good primer I can use to hide my big pores? Ack. I don't feel like wearing makeup because my pores are emphasized.

  2. oooooh super loving the blue shoes! ☺♥
    hmmmm the photoready, hahaha i'm a revlon fan fail, got afraid of the sparklies LOL, but even emilynoel83 loves the photoready concealer ;-) imma gonna have to check that out ☺♥

  3. I love your cute nude flats! The ribbon adds to the daintiness :)

  4. I looove the nude pink flats! its soooo me! teehee.. :)

  5. I like the makeup up school tips! :P

  6. I love the nude pink flats! They are so pretty!

  7. @Rae Hmm..usually it's the foundation that helps hide pores, primer is there just to act as a base. Have you tried Good Skin Labs products? they are quite good and available at Watson's! Test it na lang :)

  8. @Marge OO may sparkles the liquid but the creme version has less or almost naked to the eyes! :)

  9. @Denise Ribbons, oh my! can't say how many shoes I have with ribbons! :D

  10. @Pammy Glad you like the tips! :) I hope it helps!


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