Friday, July 8, 2011

Readers' Corner: Bright, Dewy Look

To have a successful makeover, a good base/skin is a not-so-secret "secret" that we need to master!  No matter how gorgeous your eye makeup or lipstick shade is, if your skin looks blotchy or reddish, it may divert the focus to your flaws!

And we don't want that!

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born like goddesses we see on magazines or television! Not everyone has porcelain looking skin like that of Korean Actresses.  But you know what?  We may not have perfect looking skin but we can (at least) fake it a bit --- with cosmetics.

Yes, you heard it right!  That's why cosmetics companies are multi-million dollar business!  The right way to apply your makeup can make your skin glow naturally!

We do not have to be make-up artists to follow us around on a day-to-day basis! Nobody knows your face the way YOU do!  So, it pays to master your own skin and face before you move on mastering other make-up techniques!

To answer AMW Reader Request, I will be showing the quickest, easiest way to (at least) fake a glow!

Step 1:
After your skin care routine, you can choose a BB Cream that has a bit of sparkles like or gives glow like my Skin79 VIP Gold or use brightening primer!  One that I can suggest is from Benefit's "That Gal" brightening face primer.  If you are not comfortable using both primers or bb cream, use a moisturizer that gives a good glow.  On top of my head, a very inexpensive product you may try is the Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer(Smile and click HERE for review).

Step 2:
Cover dark areas with a concealer or a foundation you own that's a shade or 2 lighter.  I concentrated on my under eye circles and the sides of my nose.

Step 3:
Make your cheeks pop with a cream blush or shimmery blush!  One nice suggestion to use is a bronzer!

Step 4:
If you have oily skin, you can pat on a shimmery powder blush on top of the cream blush.  Highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose with a light eyeshadow shade or powder foundation for that instant glow!

Skip setting powder application as it can mattify your skin!  You can opt to spritz MAC Charged Water or Evian Brumisateur to prevent powdery look!  Step back, check out your reflection making sure your face matches the color of your neck!

Now you're ready to do your brows, eye makeup etc... as you already have a clean, bright, dewy-looking canvass to work with!

Acck! See how my brows are full but there are gaps in between?  Now you understand why eyebrow pencils are vital for me! :)

If you want a very natural look, here's what you can do:
  • Fill in your brows using brow gel, brow powder or brow pencils.
  • Curl your lashes and apply coats of mascara.
  • Apply a very natural gloss or a clear lip gloss!
You're ready to face the world looking nothing but YOURSELF!
Have a gorgeous Friday everyone!
Readers who requested for this, I hope this helps!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki! Using BB Cream is one of the easiest ways to achieve the dewy look. It makes skin flawless and healthy-looking. I'm super thankful for this invention! Mukhang artista ang peg haha!
    What blush did you use? Is that Benefit? This is a bit embarrassing for an MUA like me to ask but I'm kinda confused with using cheek stains, should I apply it before the bb cream or after?


  2. i just bought TFS brow liners and i love them to bits. :D u might like them too!

    bb creams are amazing at what they do talaga

  3. Achi Nikki!
    I need a make over! Help!

  4. Thanks for the tip, Nikki. :)

  5. i have been trying to achieve this kind of look but i can't! I always look oily on the T-zone when I look in the mirror.....waaaahhhh....:(

  6. i've been trying to achieve this look on me but I can't! I look oily on the T-zone, huhuhu....

  7. happy friday sis! the clarins uv with pink tint can create a dewy look right after application ;) i think it is quite similar to that gal, but with UV Protection

  8. Thanks for the useful tips on how to achieve this look! You look great!

  9. great tips miss Nikki! but sometimes doing this trick makes me look super oily good thing for oil blotting papers! :))

  10. This is so true! mastering ones skin and face before any make up techniques comes first. It helps me what make-up to use and helps me decide what make-up to buy and saves me money. Thank you for posting:)

  11. I love the dewy look. Thanks for the tip. Will try the Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer asap:)

  12. @Ira Of course kelangang artista ang peg kasi SILA NA ANG PERFECT! *laughs* Agree with the BB Cream but sad to say, it does not work for everyone! Apply BB Cream first, then your cheek stain :)

  13. @Kumiko Mae I have TFS Brow Liner too that I have yet to use! I hoarded nga eyebrow pencils from all Korean Cosmetic brands! hahahhaa :)

  14. @MrsM Ikaw? You don't need one, you are pretty na! And your makeup is good!

  15. @Issa You can apply oil control setting powder just on the t-zone and leave your cheeks dewy looking :)

  16. @gio Thank you, glad you liked the look

  17. @Photoescape You can use an oil control primer instead of BB cream after skin care application! :) And yup, for oily skinned individuals, OIL blotters are their best friend talaga!

  18. @fat and fabulouss You don't have oily skin right? The Myra Vitaglow literally glows and it works for people with dry or normal skin!

  19. love it Nikki. Oh and we have the same eyebrows. Hahaha yung sayo nga maganda pa, yung left eyebrow ko nasobrahan yata ang pluck. hahaha

  20. thank you for the tutorial! will keep your tips in mind since my skin is far from healthy haha! x)

  21. awesome. haven't perfected the dewy natural look quite yet but this helps a great deal. thanks!

  22. Hi Ms. Nikki! Can you give me good suggestions for a cream blush or any liquid blush? Preferably for normal to oily skin. Hehe thank you! Loving the look! =)

  23. @CHARRY hahahah yung akin, if it gets long, it droops! kaya pabagsak ang dating!

  24. @Marge Marge ano ka! you have bright, dewy skin na! Achieve na achieve!

  25. @Anonymous For Cream Blush, you can try from Stila, HBC or BECCA, for liquid blush/tint, The Body Shop is known for it :)

  26. Nice tutorial Miss Nikki! =) I am a late bloomer makeup noob, and I felt vindicated when I saw that you recommended using BB creams for a dewy finish since those are what I use too. Haha. For a glowy blush, I use (and recommend) e.l.f. Peachy Keen.

  27. Uh, where did all the comments go? o.0 I read this post just this morning and I distinctly remember seeing 20+ comments, and even leaving a comment myself (pending approval). And now they're all gone. Because of the new Disqus comment form, I presume? Anyhow, don't mind me, I just got curious. ;) Peace!

    1. Hi Nathalie, hey! thanks for the concern, the comments are all here now! Yeah, it must be the Disqus, I changed it back to regular comments! Disqus made my blog comments go away! :)


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