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AMW Reviews: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil

Let's talk about my Cleansing Oil usage history....for almost 4 years , I was able to try...

A bottle of Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil, my first cleansing oil experience ever!  Then I moved on to the green version Shu Uemura Beauty Oil Premium A/O and I loved it so much I repurchased 2 bottles so that's a  total of 3 Shu Uemura's full-sized cleansing oil.

The cleansing oil history continued when I randomly bought Yumei Nano White Deep Cleansing Oil because the sales lady at Bonjour Store in HK is a freaking good sales woman!

During my Seoul trip, I bought a couple of Korean brand cleansing oils and was able to hit the pan on Nature Republic Forest Garden Balancing Cleanser Oil (the cutest packaging ever!) then I went straight to Etude House Cleansing Dream Light Cleansing Oil which did not fail me base on price and performance! I still have one cleansing oil left, a souvenir from my trip called Innisfree which I'm saving up if I have no cleansing oil left for me to try!

I went back to western cleansing oil brand Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil and I am almost halfway done with the bottle!  Since I love the product for its effectivity, I am saving it for my "heavier make-up application" days!  On regular days, even with very light application of powder foundation, eyebrow pencil, gel liner and blush, I still prefer to use a cleansing oil for makeup removal as I want everything covered when it comes to cleansing!  The thing is...if I continue this Cleansing Oil Lifestyle of mine, I may end up on streets with empty cleansing oil bottles!  *laughs* "Wanna buy anyone?" :P

That's why I am so excited to try reasonably priced drugstore brand called Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil!
Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil says ---
  • For dry to normal skin
  • Contains: Soybean Oil, Olive Oil and specially selected natural seed oils to help remove make-up, impurities and excess oil.
  • Special formula to help soften skin and prevent dryness after use.
  • A natural herbal complex (Lavender, Bergamot, Peppermint, Freesia, Chamomile and Rosemary Extracts) to provide a soothing and moisturizing effect to the skin.
Size: 190ml 

AMW says ---
  • Nice, simple pump bottle with lock to prevent spillage.
  •  The product is good for 3 years upon opening, so you have enough time to finish this bottle!
  • Texture is smooth and not too oily.
  • With the right amount of product and correct massaging motion, can remove face makeup, eyebrow pencils, eye shadows and waterproof eyeliner without problem.  
  • Does not irritate my skin.
  • No stinging (as long as you keep your eyes shut) and no blurring.
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth after wash.
  • Inexpensive!
  • May leave a few residue of waterproof mascara as I don't want to rub too much product on my eye area.  
  • The scent!  This may not be an issue to others but I think I got a nose of a dog!  Smells a bit like "cooking oil".
A great daily cleansing oil without breaking the bank!  This feels like most Korean brand of cleansing oils the downfall would only be the scent!

from Pure Beauty
  • Pump an appropriate amount onto the palms of dry hands.
  • Gently smoth over dry face to dissolve makeup, dirt and other impurities.
  • Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil and then rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Use daily facial cleanser afterwards if needed.
from AMW
  • If you have super sensitive skin, test the product first behind the ear or around the neck area and check if the product causes itchiness or redness.
  • If you have oily skin, you can opt for the Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid.
  • For the eye area: Close your eyes tight and gently massage the lashes.  If this irritates your eye, you can skip this step and go for eye make-up remover for sensitive eyes prior to oil cleansing.
  • I make sure to always clean up with your favorite facial cleanser just to make sure no oil nor make-up residue is left.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Dry, normal skinned individuals who uses make-up on a daily basis.  For oily skinned gals, no worries, you can still use this product as long as you follow up with a cleanser good for oily skin! 

Where to purchase and how much?
At leading Watsons stores for approx Php300.00 (approx $7.00).  Sorry, need to check the exact amount!

There's something about me with cleansing oils, I've used up 1/4 of the bottle!  I guess I use this even if I don't put much make-up on as I want to remove the BB Creams underneath!  A clean skin is definitely the biggest "ammo" to beautiful skin!

What's your most inexpensive cleansing oil to date?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. you are the best reviewer talaga... btw, anong klaseng 'cooking oil'? olive oil lang ba o parang veggie oil? hahaha sayaaang, looks good sana :/

  2. @Anonymous LOL! Mixed, di ko mawari, kasi I know the scent of olive oil! hahaha pero keri naman I think I just have super sensitive nose :) For the price, worth it ang performance!

  3. sayang ngayon ko lang nabasa ito! i was at watson's yesterday and i can't decide which one to get so i ended up with nothing. after reading your review, i might try the cleansing liquid because i have combination skin. very affordable talaga siya noh? parang 199 nga lang e, not so sure though. thanks again for your review sis, mwah! P.S. Sorry been MIA these past few days kaya di ako masyado nakaka-comment kasi i've been busy nung long weekend tsaka busy rin poagbalik sa office! natambak ang work!

  4. di ko pa to nattry! hahaha! I'm stuck with dove lately. :) hehehe!

  5. I bought on from Watson's during their sales but have not opened it yet. This prod is cheap and do not have mineral oil which is a good thing. I am using Shu Uemura purple bottle cleansing oil now, but it has mineral oil. I still don;t understand why expensive product still use mineral oil. Would u know why? for higher profit?

  6. What..! Smell like COOKING OIL..! Oh no....!

  7. @Issa hahahah tama lang yan, pwede ka pa naman bumalik anytime sa Watsons :)

  8. @Lavender Wow, for the inexpensive price, they still go on sale? I love it!!!!

  9. @Lavender RE: your query, I don't think its for higher profit as companies are also looking into protecting their brand name, they probably think the mineral oil content in their cleansing oil helps or makes the product more effective :)

  10. @- Angie - For the price, I can still use this by not breathing much in between application

  11. @- Angie - For the price, I can still use this by not breathing much in between application

  12. omg thank you for reviewing this ^_^ I'm eyeing Pure Beauty or Hada Labo for my next purchase but not sure which to go with =/

  13. @Lavender

    Oh my. I just saw the ingredients. This product does have mineral oil. Paraffinum Liquidum - is a fancy name for mineral oil.

  14. The product does have mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum is a fancy name for mineral oil) which Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil has as its MAIN ingredient.

    I would like to add that mineral oil isn't as bad as what is claimed by those pushing for natural products. Do take the time to read this and find out why:

    And here's part 2:

    I think it all boils down to what is "hiyang" for you. Personally, some 'all-natural' products, especially makeup and cleansers made me break out :( :( :(. But the cleansing oils (those with mineral oil) do not.

  15. This is a great product, I just bought it about 2 weeks ago. Only 45php. No kidding!


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